Abstract With the approach of the mid-year of June 30, the initial public offering (IPO) review and release rhythm has once again triggered high market attention. Especially in the context of the huge fluctuations in the secondary market, will the IPO issue be “variant”? For a while...
With the approach of the mid-year of June 30, the initial public offering (IPO) review and release rhythm has once again triggered high market attention. Especially in the context of the huge fluctuations in the secondary market, will the IPO issue be “variant”? For a time, the market speculated.

According to the reporter's understanding, due to the approaching of the mid-year of June 30, IPO filing companies are facing embarrassing situations. One trick is: If a company is submitting IPO audit materials according to the 2014 annual report, yesterday (June 23) is the last day the company submitted the materials to the audit committee. Another trick is: If an enterprise is already in the IPO queue, then the company will have to report the 2015 semi-annual report within two months and the application will be suspended.

Update financial data IPO audit large-scale suspension <br> According to the relevant rules of the IPCC [microblogging] IPO, the validity period of the IPO filing enterprise financial data is “6+1”, that is, the normal period of financial data is valid for 6 months, special circumstances Can be extended for 1 month. According to the explanation of investment bankers, before the expiration date, it is theoretically necessary to supplement the latest financial information and adjust the corresponding application materials.

"According to the usual practice, the financial data of the quarterly report and the third quarterly report do not require mandatory auditing, so few issuers and investment banks actively update the audit, but after June, the audit report and financial data must be updated." According to a listed broker The sponsor representative analysis, this year's IPO review will be the same as last year, will also induce queuing companies to stop the listing audit. This situation did occur in the past year. On July 1, last year, the IPO's IPOs announced by the China Securities Regulatory Commission showed that among the 637 companies under review in the IPO, 589 applications for suspension audits, and the proportion of companies that suspend audits was as high as 98.66%. The SFC subsequently explained that the reasons for the suspension of these queuing companies were that the financial information had expired.

“The previous year’s annual report expired after 6 months. There was no audit update in the first quarter report. The semi-annual report audit update was also the fastest one month. It is impossible to complete the audit in one day.” An investment bank project leader of a medium-sized brokerage project in Shenzhen According to the introduction, the application suspension is normal.

It is reported that the investment banking project that has applied for suspension has no significant impact on the IPO audit issuance. According to the relevant regulations, the renewal period of the annual report of the enterprise is 3 months, the renewal period of the semi-annual report is 2 months, and the update period of the quarterly report is 1 month. The investment bank and the enterprise to be audited only need to update the financial report within the updated period specified here. The IPO review can continue to move forward. If the update cannot be made within the above period, the trial item will be terminated by the suspension.

The suspension of audit has limited impact on IPO issuance. “From the half-year report to the two-month period, after entering June 30, companies need to update their financial reports. The IPO review and release rhythm theory may indeed slow down.” A brokerage, South China The person in charge of the investment bank of the district said, but there are also workarounds.

The person in charge gave two specific cases: First, the “+1” in the validity period of the financial data, that is, the validity period of some special enterprise financial data is extended by one month to seven months, then after June. After 30 days, these enterprises will be able to go to the trial normally; secondly, for some enterprises that declare IPOs after the first quarter, if the financial data used at the time of filing uses the first quarter audit report approved by the audit committee, then its financial data The validity period is September 30. Such enterprises can continue to advance after June 30; the third is the enterprises approved by the higher authorities of the State Council.

In addition, because the audit committee accepts the IPO application materials submitted by the company, it takes 5 working days to determine whether it is accepted. On June 23, if the reporting company is based on the 2014 annual report data, the 23rd is the last working day of the application, and after June 23, it can only be updated to the 2015 semi-annual report before it can be declared. Otherwise, you must apply for suspension and supplement the semi-annual report. However, some investment bankers also said that the suspension of queuing companies will not affect the IPO audit release rhythm as a whole. If the company supplements the audit report, it will be two weeks. Generally, it can be supplemented and updated in one month. After entering July, it will be completely Back to normal. According to the current pace of the SFC's review and issuance of IPO approvals, it is 40 to 50 in one month.

According to the data released by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, as of June 18, 2015, there were 557 enterprises under review, including 265 main boards in Shanghai, 118 small and medium-sized boards in Shenzhen, and 174 GEM. Among the 557 companies in the trial, 38 have already passed. It is worth noting that, in accordance with established practice, there will be a second batch of about 20 companies in June that will be approved by the Securities and Futures Commission.

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