Looked at a long time of decoration photos, domestic designers more recognized Chen Hao and Xiao Aihua. Announced the research experience of Chen Hao today. Chen Yu is currently a designer of a furniture factory in Fuzhou and has studied in Japan. Now is an independent designer. Google search "Chen Hao design" can find his website, see more than 10 sets of his design examples.

Looking at his design, you can quickly identify his work. His decoration philosophy is: Harmony is more important than surprise, the way is more important than the product, comfort is more important than performance. (I didn't understand the middle sentence yet.) There are many people who follow him. At the beginning of each year, he announced that his work has been completed for the whole year. Cow?

I don't accept any details of his work, but I feel that he has developed some of the techniques and practices he has worked out on his own. At the moment when designers are flooding, there is no experience. Chen Hao can hold this bowl of rice without any trouble.

Let's look at one of his characteristics: the ceiling method is dexterous, creating a sense of beauty and integrity in the room with implicit techniques and simple lines.

Basically, he uses this small ceiling to perform some functional division and decoration of the space. The ceilings (the ceilings of which are suspended ceilings) are small and straight, not for the decoration, but rather for the beams that the House itself has, or Some of the pipes used are hidden, but in fact they are "low-key decorations." This adds a few lines and removes the monotonous and flat roof feel. The cabinets, like embedded ones, are more compatible with the environment.

I love simplicity and I am very disgusted with the practice of domestically populated piles of ceilings. At one point I thought that ceilings were not the best. However, after reading the design of Chen Hao, I still feel that doing some of his small, partial ceilings is better than nothing. There will be no room to reduce the sense of depression caused by the general ceiling. Learn from the master!

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PET MGO Roofing Sheets

High strength Fireproof anti-corrosion Insulating MgO roofing sheet is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protect roofing material. The roofing sheet  is made of several kinds of inorganic chemical materials, after production line processing and combined. It was made of a MgO, MgCl2, talcum powder, fiber glass cloth, and other fireproof materials.

 PET MGO Roofing Sheets

PET membrane is a kind of anti-aging film, this kind of tiles could be in different color according to customer`s requirement. The performance of UV blocking,anti-corrosion; , acid & alkali resistant are better and service life are longer.

Compared with other kinds of roofing material, the MGO Roofing Sheets have many advantages, such as fireproof, heat resistant, shock resistant, anti-corrosion, high strength, energy-saving and environmental protecting, long life span, etc.

The MGO Roofing Sheets could be processed by saw, nails, drilling, Installed simple and quickly, save material cost and labor cost. 


Due to its excellent performance of corrosion-resistant, acid& alkali resistant, weather resistant, energy-saving, environmental-friendly ,etc,  prolong the service life of the buildings, reduce the cost of labor and the replacement  of the installation, make the integrated cost of application much lower.  It is the best substitute of asbestos sheets, steel sheets, cement sheets and thatched roof.

The high performance characteristics make the MGO roofing sheets suitable for being used in the roof application of high temperature, high corrosion industry, such as chemical plant, feeding farms, casting factory, work shop, warehouse, market shed, garage, roofing of residence, etc.

PET MGO Roofing Sheets

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