Many things in our lives are regulated. Just as our shoes have the same dimensions, our ceiling decoration will also be stipulated. The aluminum buckle ceiling is the most common type of ceiling in our home improvement. What are the dimensions of the aluminum buckle ? Today we will come together to understand the relevant introduction about the size of aluminum buckle plate .

Aluminum buckle type

There are two types of aluminum gussets: sound-absorbing panels and decorative panels. However, there are many types of apertures for sound-absorbing panels, such as round holes, oblong holes, square holes, rectangular holes, triangular holes, and irregular size combination holes. All of them have the functions of shockproof, anticorrosive, sound-absorbing and waterproof. Their surfaces are relatively smooth and easy to clean. The decoration of the decorative board is very strong and it can make an ordinary room different.

Aluminum buckle size

Each kind of plate has a size, only such a plate is convenient for us to decorate our room, of course, aluminum buckle plate is no exception, their size is generally 600mm*600mm, 300mm*300mm. The commonly used specifications for strip type aluminum buckles in home improvement are 100 and 150mm, and the common specification for square type aluminum buckles is 300×300mm. Most of our rooms are 5 meters long, so 300mm*300mm will be more suitable for the decoration of our room. For relatively large rooms, then you can choose a slightly larger size, so the decorated room will be It's more beautiful.

Aluminum buckle price

The aluminum buckle board is priced as a ruler and is almost lossless. Take the purchase of a 10 cm wide strip board. As an example, suppose your house is 3.08 meters long, 2.45 meters wide, and the long side is the laying direction. 2.45 ÷ 0.1 = 24.5 blocks. Then you need to purchase 25 aluminum buckles, 3.08 meters long. The board, the final price is 25 x 0.1 x 3.08 x unit price.

How to choose aluminum buckle

1, remember not to only look at the thickness, do not look at the material, like the best Le Silong abroad, the best domestic brands such as Bei Liming, general home improvement strip thickness is 0.5,0.6, rarely to 0.8mm The basic reason is that the aluminum alloys used by people are good, not very thick enough, and there is no longer a span of home improvement bars, and there is no need to use so thick.

2, if the economic conditions allow to consider the film, in the future, easy cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom, etc., and a long time will not change color.

3, installation can be considered with the factory installation, you can also choose to install the decoration workers.

With regard to the size of aluminum gussets , I will introduce them here. I hope to help you, and I would like to look forward to seeing more information on this site.

Aluminum plate

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