According to the bulk non-ferrous net reprinted: Jinlian's second phase of 1 million tons of aluminum foil and foil project is planned to invest 4.5 billion yuan this year, has completed a total investment of 4 billion yuan, aluminum factory closed the second phase of the plant has been completed, the slot is under construction, supporting anode assembly workshop , Foundry workshop has been fully started; Inner Mongolia Lianyu Light Alloy Co., Ltd. board-foil project (first phase) plans to invest 700 million yuan this year, has completed investment of 0.5 billion yuan, 4 cast mills are being installed, gas station, circulation Water tanks and cast-rolling machines have begun construction; the aluminum industry chain project of Inner Mongolia Xinda Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. plans to invest 250 million yuan this year, and has completed a total investment of 605 million yuan. The civil engineering foundation for the first-phase workshop has been completed. Block installation... Into the industrial park in Holington, the scene of the construction of the building is in full swing.

Faced with the backdrop of macroeconomic downturn, the city has actively adapted to the new normal of economic development, adhered to the general tone of progress in stability, and made the construction of key projects the first engine of building an economically strong city, playing a good first hand and playing an active role.仗 仗 集中 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗 仗. This year, the city plans to implement 44 key industrial projects, including 6 projects worth over 10 billion yuan, 12 projects exceeding 1 billion yuan, 24 projects exceeding 100 million yuan, and 2 projects below 2 million yuan. In the first half of the year, it is estimated that the GDP of the region will have completed 17.3 billion yuan, an increase of 10% year-on-year; all industrial added value will have completed 12.3 billion yuan, an increase of 10% year-on-year, of which the added value of industries above designated size will have completed 9.8 billion yuan, an increase of 10% year-on-year. There are 4 enterprises above the designated size, of which Beitong Plastics and Fenghua Aluminum have obtained approval.

Strengthen policy support. On the basis of effective implementation of relevant policies of the higher authorities, the city has, on the basis of its actual conditions, researched and issued “The Policy Measures for Stabilizing Industrial Economic Growth in Huolin Gol City in 2015”, mainly from major projects, loan financing of key enterprises, and market development. Facilitate and support simplification of procedures, optimization of the environment, and reduction of burden on companies. Raise 70 million yuan to cooperate with financial institutions, focus on supporting the development of enterprises and projects; simplify the administrative approval process, improve efficiency, clean up and standardize enterprise-related administrative fees, implement list management, promote micro-grid construction, and implement “large-scale users The "power supply" policy is to allow the docking of companies that have already been admitted to the market, and strives for large users to supply more than 3 billion kW.

Strengthen the tracking service. The city has established a leading group for the promotion of key projects, formulated and improved a number of systems such as the scheduling conference system, the department-level leader-led enterprise system, and the data monthly reporting system, and in particular, implemented a policy for the major projects of the autonomous region and Tongliao City. On-site service, to solve all kinds of bottlenecks, to promote the rapid implementation of major projects, rapid advancement, and quick results. At the same time, a major project office was set up. A department leader took the lead and focused on promoting the preliminary work of key projects. In addition, the establishment of a joint supervision mechanism of the party and government has, since March, listed the construction of key projects as an important part of the joint supervision of the party and government, launched special supervision every month, mastered the progress of project construction in detail, and promptly organized and submitted reports to ensure The progress of the construction has been grasped in real time, existing problems have been solved in time, and the construction of the project has been promoted in an orderly manner to achieve early results.

Strengthen the carrier construction. Adhere to large investment, large-scale support, and fully promote the construction of the park infrastructure. Last year, the city financed 1 billion yuan to build 15 kilometers of roads in industrial parks, 27 kilometers of water transmission pipelines, and 21 million cubic meters of leveling sites, and built a power transmission and transformation project in an industrial park. This year, it will also invest 1.5 billion yuan in investment for infrastructure construction such as water supply, power supply, gas supply, sewage, roads, and container platforms in the park, creating a good hardware foundation for industrial economic development. At the same time, the preliminary work of the “Tender Nile Huohu” water conveyance project was initiated and the Sanhekou water lifting project was implemented to provide reliable water source protection for major projects.

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