With the accelerating process of industrialization, there are many kinds of paint, some are household paints, some are wall paints, some are primers. In our daily lives, zinc-rich primers are used in large quantities, and play a key role in corrosion protection and rust prevention of steel products. To a great extent, the service life of the steel structure material is extended. Visible, the importance of zinc-rich primer in the building, then what role does the zinc-rich primer also have? What is the price of zinc-rich primer? There are some differences in the types and functions of zinc-rich primers on the market, which makes the prices of zinc-rich primers different. Here's a follow-up on the specifics of the price of zinc-rich primers. I hope to help everyone in the selection of zinc-rich primers .

Zinc Rich Primer - Introduction

The zinc-rich primer is based on epoxy resin, polyamide is a curing agent, ultra-fine zinc powder is the main rust-proof pigment, and a certain amount of aluminum silver paste and iron oxide red are added to make the paint. It is a kind of important protective paint in the corrosion protection system of steel structure. It has good adhesion to steel, and it can play an excellent anti-rust effect on steel structure. It is widely used in construction.

Zinc Rich Primer - Standard

Zinc-rich primers have a certain standard in production. Only when they reach a certain standard can they be sold and put into normal construction. The zinc-rich primer standards include: solid content of 80%, dry film thickness of 50μm, a flash point of 25 degrees Celsius; drying time is less than or equal to half an hour dry surface; hard dry less than or equal to 24 hours. The individual production standards for zinc-rich primers can vary according to the actual needs of users, but must be within the allowable range.

Zinc Rich Primer - Advantages

1. The content of zinc powder in zinc-rich primer is high and it has good cathodic protection;

2. The zinc-rich primer is resistant to salt spray, hot and humid, and can effectively protect the steel structure under strong corrosion environment;

3. The zinc-rich primer is not only suitable for the protection of the steel structure in the land, but also suitable for long-term preservation in the marine environment;

4. The application scope of zinc-rich primer is wide, and offshore facilities, power plants, petrochemical plants, etc. can all be used.


Zinc Rich Primer - Classification

There are many types of zinc-rich primers, including epoxy zinc-rich primers, inorganic zinc-rich primers, and water-based inorganic zinc-rich primers. The water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer is non-toxic, has no flash point, and has little pollution to the environment; the inorganic zinc-rich primer is excellent in heat resistance, solvent resistance, and chemical resistance, but the construction requirements are high; and the epoxy rich Zinc primer is divided into water-soluble curing epoxy zinc-rich primer, water-soluble curing epoxy zinc-rich primer, solvent-based self-curing epoxy zinc-rich primer, their construction is more troublesome, construction requirements are also higher, However, it has good corrosion resistance and is widely used in various types of buildings.

Zinc-rich primer - construction process

In the construction of a zinc-rich primer, the surface of the steel structure shall be subjected to surface treatment, including grinding, smoothing and sharp angles. Air spray and airless spray may be used for the construction. However, for the average of the paint film, a double-degree paint construction method may be used. In the mixing of the zinc-rich primer, the zinc powder is slowly added to the liquid, and then the stirring is sufficiently performed, and the stirring direction should be consistent. The zinc-rich primer construction environment should ensure that the humidity is 40-60% optimal. For temperatures not lower than minus 10 degrees Celsius and above 40 degrees Celsius, construction will fail.

Zinc-rich primer prices

With the progress of society, zinc-rich primers are widely used in urban construction. Zinc-rich primers are rich in zinc powder and have a strong protective effect on steel substrates. They are the primary choice for modern steel anticorrosion and rust prevention. Primer has been greatly improved in function. Now the main types of zinc-rich primers on the market are alcohol-soluble inorganic zinc-rich primer, epoxy zinc-rich primer, and water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer. The difference in the types of zinc-rich primers makes the prices of zinc-rich primers very different. The prices of zinc-rich primers on the market are generally between 25-35 yuan/kg.


Zinc-rich primer - anti-corrosion mechanism

Zinc-rich primer is one of the most commonly used primers in heavy anti-corrosion coating systems in China. Zinc-rich primers protect the steel surface by corroding sacrificial zinc powder in a corrosive environment. Because zinc is more active than iron, it is easy to lose electrons. In the early stage of corrosion, zinc powder and steel substrates constitute the primary battery, and the steel substrate is cathodically protected. Zinc-rich primer is continuously corroded by zinc powder paint at the later stage of corrosion. Zinc powder gap and corrosion products are deposited on the surface of steel. The structure is dense and non-conductive. It can effectively block and shield corrosive media from erosion and play an anti-corrosion effect. use.

Zinc Rich Primer - Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

The epoxy zinc-rich primer in zinc-rich primer is based on epoxy resin, polyamide is a curing agent, ultra-fine zinc powder is used as the main anti-rust pigment, and aluminum silver paste and iron oxide red are added to make it effective. Increase the heat-resisting performance, prevent the zinc salt from being produced, the construction of the epoxy-rich zinc-rich primer is simple and convenient, and there is a certain requirement for the construction temperature alone. Epoxy zinc-rich primer has excellent corrosion resistance, strong adhesion, fast drying, good impact and wear resistance, weldability, and gas cutability. It is widely used for temporary protection and corrosion protection on the surface of steel. Epoxy zinc-rich primer price: 30-35 yuan / kg.

Zinc Rich Primer - Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer

Inorganic zinc-rich primer Compared with epoxy zinc-rich primer, inorganic zinc-rich primer is more excellent in heat resistance, chemical resistance, solvent resistance, static conduction, etc., but inorganic zinc-rich primer Higher construction requirements. The inorganic zinc-rich primer has excellent anti-corrosion effect, uses water as a solvent, and has the advantages of fire resistance, high temperature resistance, crude oil resistance, and solvent resistance. Inorganic zinc-rich primer is widely used in oil tanks, solvent tanks, oil tanks, ballast tanks and other harsh environment of the marine steel structure, bridges, chimneys and other places, the price of inorganic zinc-rich primer: 25-30 Yuan/kg.

Zinc-rich primer - water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer

Water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer is based on water as solvent and diluent, free of organic volatiles, non-toxic, non-flash point, less damage to construction personnel, less environmental pollution, zero VOC, no fire risk, etc. Features. Water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer is safe during construction, storage and transportation. Water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer can be used in harsh environments such as oil tanks, oil tanks, solvent tanks, ballast water tanks, and also as a rust-proof heat-resistant coating. Water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer Price: 17-25 yuan / kg.

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