Primer construction should be directly exposed to nature, subject to wind, rain, sun, so the paint is required to have water resistance, color retention, pollution resistance, aging resistance and good adhesion, but also has good resistance to freezing and thawing, Low film temperature characteristics. Today I introduce you to one of the primers - acrylic primers. Acrylic Primer This product is a one-component fast-drying primer composed of thermoplastic acrylic resin, silicone resin, pigments, auxiliaries and solvents. Now I let everyone know Precautions classification and acrylic primer acrylic primer of what.

Composition of acrylic primer:

Acrylic Primer This product is a one-component fast-drying primer composed of thermoplastic acrylic resin, silicone resin, pigments, auxiliaries and solvents.

The main features

Acrylic primer excellent weather resistance;

The paint film has good decorative properties (bright and bright, high hardness);

Good chemical resistance; fast drying

Good light retention and color retention

High adhesion, good mechanical properties.


The use of acrylic primers:

Acrylic primers are used in all kinds of transportation vehicles, construction machinery, advanced equipment and other surfaces requiring high-grade decorative objects, especially suitable for outdoor use.

Acrylic primer classification:

1, acrylic primer in accordance with the decorative texture is divided into four categories: thin exterior wall coating: delicate texture, more materials, can also be used for interior wall decoration, including flat paint, sand wall, mica-like paint. Most color acrylic emulsion paints are thin coatings. It is a thin coating made of organic polymer materials as the main film-forming substance, together with different pigments, fillers and aggregates. Its characteristics are water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, freeze-thaw resistance and other characteristics. Precautions for use: Avoid rain after 4~8 hours of construction, and stop construction if it is expected to rain; use wind at a level of 4 or higher; construction at temperatures above 5°C; construction equipment must not be exposed to cement, lime, etc.

2. Multi-layer pattern coating: The pattern is concave and convex, full of three-dimensional sense. Bottom glaze coatings act to seal the surface of the substrate while increasing the bond between the aggregate and the substrate. The skeleton material, which is a unique layer of the coating and is the main component, increases the durability, water resistance and strength of the spray coating. The surface glaze material is the surface layer of the spray coating, and various sun-resistant color pigments are added to make the surface layer with soft colors. According to different needs, deep layers are divided into light and peace. Glaze materials serve to beautify the deep layer of spray and increase durability. The weathering ability is good; the wall surface has a good penetration, combined with a solid; use is not limited by temperature, sub zero can also be construction; construction is convenient, can use a variety of spraying process; can be configured into a variety of colors as required.

3, colored sand coating: with dyed quartz sand, porcelain grain mica powder as the main raw material, the new color, crystal brilliant. The paint is non-toxic, solvent-free, fast-drying, non-flammable, resistant to light, does not fade, and has good resistance to contamination. The use of different combinations of aggregates allows deep colors to be formed at different levels, resulting in a richly colored texture resembling natural stone. There are two kinds of colored sand paints, monochrome and double color. Colored sand paint is mainly used for exterior wall decoration of various boards and cement mortar.

4, thick paint: can be sprayed, can be painted, can be rolled, can pull the hair, but also can make different texture patterns. Thick type exterior wall paint is acrylic primer primer, which is made of organic polymer materials - styrene, acrylic, emulsion liquid as the main film-forming substance, plus different pigments, fillers and aggregates. coating. Features are good water resistance, alkali resistance, pollution resistance, good weather resistance, easy construction and maintenance.


Acrylic primer precautions:

1, read the instructions for use before construction;

2, before using the paint and thinner in accordance with the required ratio adjustment, how much with the number of, after mixing and use;

3. The construction process should be kept dry and clean. Contact with water, acid, alcohol, alkali, etc. is forbidden; after the paint is dispensed, the barrel must be tightly closed to avoid gelling;

4. During construction and drying period, the relative humidity should not be more than 85%. After the product is painted, it must be delivered within 2 days.

Editor's summary: The above is the classification and use of acrylic primer paint lecture: Introduction of the performance of coil topcoat and primer, hope to help friends who have this need! For more information, please continue to follow our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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