Up to now, South-South Aluminum Processing Co., Ltd. has delivered 25 aluminum profiles for subway trains for use in the bodywork of the Nanning Metro Line 1 in Guangxi. It is reported that the company has a 110MN and two 75MN large extrusion production lines. It can produce large-scale precision aluminum alloy extrusion materials for transportation. In addition, Nannan Aluminium Processing Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of aluminum alloy strip for transportation equipment, which has an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons.


Gas-actuated fastening tool for interior finishing applications


  • Gas Technology – Fuel Injection
  • No License Required
  • Easy push down force
  • Battery "OFF" position
  • Magazine Capacity: 30-Pin Magazine
  • DC 7.4v Li-ion battery platform shared with other NANSHAN gas actuated tools
  • Fastener length range:  40mm maximum
  • Drives 1000 fasteners with a single gas can

Gas Actuated Tool Gcn40

The GCN40 Gas Actuated Tool has more power than the competition. 

More power equals better performance in steel to steel and hard aggregate concrete applications.


  • Widely used in the installation of aluminum alloy and plastic steel windows and doors
  • Interior decoration and cable fixings
  • Available for the frequent and repeated fastening jobsite, and top or ceiling installation

Gas Nailer

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