Biodiesel Network November 24th: In China, biodiesel has been included in the Renewable Energy Law. The development of the biodiesel industry has also been included in the rolling projects of the 10th Five-Year Plan and the 11th Five-Year Plan and the 12th Five-Year Plan. After 12 years of development, the biodiesel industry has become a climate.

However, from a policy perspective, the Ministry of Commerce Order (2006) No. 23 “Management Measures for Refined Oil Markets” stipulates that biodiesel is a refined oil product, and the “Petroleum Price Management Measures (Trial)” states that “the oil referred to includes crude oil and Refined oils such as gasoline, diesel, aviation kerosene and aviation gasoline, which are refined from crude oil, do not contain biodiesel. In this case, it is difficult for biodiesel to enter the gas station system of the five major oil groups. In this regard, the author believes that biodiesel companies can consider cooperation with private oil companies.

This is because: First, private oil companies have certain technical strength, considerable financial strength and social responsibility, have the enthusiasm to operate biodiesel, and are qualified for the role of biodiesel operators. Second, most of the oil products of private oil companies From local refineries, due to technical, equipment limitations and oil sources, there is a certain gap between diesel produced by local refineries and SOE oils, and some advantages of biodiesel can make up for the diesel defects produced by private oil companies; Third, private biodiesel enterprises account for a large proportion in both quantity and output. Due to the flexible mechanism of private enterprises, private oil companies and private biodiesel companies are more likely to cooperate and have faster feedback. Fourth, private oil companies have existing Most of the customers are group users and local old farmers, fishermen and other familiar old customers, and have considerable trust. Fifth, private oil companies already have the "Measures for the Management of Refined Oil Markets" and the "Measures for the Administration of Petroleum Price (Trial)" There is no policy barrier to operating biodiesel in the qualification of warehousing, wholesale and retail of refined oil products.

At present, China's oil import dependence is relatively high, and diesel oil is a very large influence on the production oil. It is prone to the illegal behavior of posing as biodiesel at the peak of oil consumption and damages the reputation of biodiesel. This is one of the reasons why it has been encouraged for many years, but the road to biodiesel directly entering the sales channels of the five major oil groups is difficult and has little effect. Moreover, because the number of biodiesel enterprises is relatively large, the output is relatively small, the quality needs to be unified, and the management costs are high, the five major oil groups also have concerns. In this case, private oil companies can act as a bridge to guide biodiesel companies to connect with consumers.

From the current situation, the industry has some successful cases. The reason why private enterprises can play this role is because: First, private enterprises that have been engaged in oil products for many years have accumulated rich experience; second, private enterprises have fixed purchase and sales channels and quality management systems, which determine the damage liability and the consumer The compensation model and credit guarantee have created a set of effective models.

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