The coming of the era of personalized home furnishing , people's eyes have become more and more critical. Furniture closely related to life can best reflect the changes of the times. People buy furniture no longer just to satisfy the function, but the old-fashioned old furniture is still vaguely visible in our memory. The fashionable and diverse new furniture has quickly become the main character today.

However, when faced with dazzling products in the market, we are often confused, which furniture really meets our daily needs, and what are the characteristics of many brand furniture, consumers are eager to understand. To this end, we have specially launched a series of "Furniture Scouting" series of special topics, using scouts to explore the family origin, debut time and brand "star temperament" of brand furniture, to find out the type of furniture star you like. .

The first phase of "Environmental Protection Star" locked Yifeng Furniture. Let's approach the Italian wind and learn more about its most outstanding environmental temperament.

● Scouting target: Yifeng Furniture

● Family background: Beijing Lifeng Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

● Debut time: 14 years

● Outstanding talent: choose the best board to create environmentally friendly furniture

● Spokesperson: Wen Shiquan, Chairman of Yifeng Furniture

Yifeng, which has always been known for its environmental protection, has upgraded its panels to super E0 level, but Wen Shiquan threw out the view that "there are not many domestic panel furniture that can reach E0 level". In 2009, Yifeng ’s sales rose by nearly 20% year-on-year. Wen Shiquan said that after the rapid increase of 30 stores last year, he does not plan to open new stores this year, only seeking a balance between supply and demand, which also reflects the steady and pragmatic Beijing furniture. style.

Keywords: against the trend

Reporter: Everyone is talking about the phenomenon of recovery this year. Will the sales in the first half of the year be introduced by Mr. Wen first?

Wen Shiquan: It should be said that we are still relatively good in the first half of this year. Compared with the same period of last year, we have increased by more than 10% to 20%. The quality of Yifeng has been recognized by consumers. There is no denying that we have opened a few more stores. We do not feel a financial crisis, but many companies have withdrawn their stores during this time, including dealers. Dealers are doing nanny mentality. When the market is bad, you can give up and re-enter the market later. At this time, there were many good positions in the furniture city of Beijing. After many people withdrew, at the time of the retreat, we were attacking and we opened five or six new stores. We adjusted the stores in Beijing. Sales have also improved.

Keywords: environmentally friendly materials

Reporter: Yifeng is relatively high-end in panel furniture. The first advantage of our brand is the use of environmentally friendly plates. Recently, super E0 grade plates are also being used. Please talk about your views on the environmental protection issues that everyone cares about.

Wen Shiquan: Our country has never supervised the concept of E0. E0 in Europe, above 1.5 is E1, 0.5 is E0, below 0.3 is super E0 level.

The board we currently use is super E0 grade, it is only used for kindergartens and hospitals in Europe, which is the best. At present, some domestic enterprises are also working hard to make E0. European plate factories have been doing it for 60 or 70 years, and the process is also very good. Now they can achieve E0 with only a small amount of plate.

Our Beijing enterprises must seek truth from facts and go step by step. I also hope that our Chinese plate dealers will pay close attention to their internal strengths. I also hope that E0 plates will appear as soon as possible, because no matter it is formaldehyde, Europe uses fresh logs, EGGER, and they are all single tree species. Sexuality is higher. Relatively speaking, EGGER has always been better than solid wood. Because the solid wood has paint , the chemical composition is relatively high.

Reporter: Will using Super E0 sheet cost more?

Wen Shiquan: The price difference between super E0 and E1 sheet furniture is about 20%. Buying 20,000 yuan of furniture differs by 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, which is equivalent to four or five cents a day. It is still worthwhile for health.

Reporter: Most of the board furniture plays the environmental protection brand, but you also said just now that there is not much done. Is there any suspicion that the environmental protection brand is outdated?

Wen Shiquan: The concept of environmental protection will never be outdated. When promoting environmental protection, we also hope to drive Beijing's panel furniture to do a good job. There is no guarantee that every furniture in Beijing uses the best raw materials. No one talks about environmental protection when buying furniture in Europe, because all are environmentally friendly.

I don't think it will take too long. After three or four years, the most important thing is fashion, design and service. However, the combination of practical style and fashion is still relatively good.

Keywords: furniture humanization

Reporter: To what extent has it been humanized?

Wen Shiquan: All the corners of our furniture are rounded, fearing to knock children. After designing every style of our furniture, we will find a lot of excellent shopping guides, and everyone will pick out all its deficiencies, and finally we will improve. We design a bedroom furniture, taking into account the sleeping habits of men left and women right. Consider that there is definitely a dressing table for lesbians. Gay men love to read books later when they sleep, and there is a lamp for gay men. Lesbians want to dress up here, which is brighter.

Including the opinions after the family, the opinions of the unmarried, and the opinions of the children. We have all done very fine. Therefore, there are many times when people buy Yifeng furniture and there are many repeat customers. For example, when we sell furniture, we must ask if there are any children in your family. If there are children, we recommend wooden doors under the bookcases instead of glass doors. So the details of Yifeng are still very careful. And we have been focusing on this work.

Keywords: advanced learning

Reporter: Many brands now advocate "original". What kind of consideration does Yifeng have?

Wen Shiquan: I think China must take the original route for its future development, but for now, most of Beijing's furniture still needs to learn more advanced foreign things. We should not place too high demands on the current furniture companies. As long as furniture companies do their best. Our current plates, raw materials, and design are synchronized with foreign countries. We are pursuing originality. Now China's auto industry has been cooperating with Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen abroad, so the cars are very stylish and beautiful. Let us build our own cars, there must be the shadow of foreign cars.

Originality, we must look at which industry to look at originality. We are lagging behind the developed countries themselves, and we have to surpass others' designs, and the pressure is quite large.

95% of Europeans and Americans use panel furniture. Because the branches, branches, and leaves can be used after they are crushed, when our country's forest resources are extremely scarce, I think our country should encourage the use of panel furniture. Solid wood furniture should not be used. I talked to the CEO of EGGER in Europe. I said that Europe is now using melamine board gradually. For 60 years, I said when you can see when it will be eliminated. How to match the glass to produce a better effect, the main body is melamine board, because it is wear-resistant and slippery and environmentally friendly.

Keywords: synchronization with Europe

Reporter: If there is so much coverage of panel furniture in Europe and America, in fact, China should also have such a big market.

Wen Shiquan: Now the top ten Chinese furniture companies are all panel type. Because solid wood is to a certain extent, it is really difficult to obtain a lot of raw materials, and solid wood will go high-end. The equipment we use is the same as Europe and the United States, all of which are heroic equipment, and the plates are also used by them. Only plate furniture in China is synchronized with Europe, and everything is the same. The only difference is that the processing workers are us Chinese, they are Germans and Italians. The imported panel furniture is no different from the imported raw materials produced by ourselves.

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