On September 6, 2009, at the Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, Jianwei Humanity Furniture jointly exhibited Jianwei 2009 new products and new terminal packaging modes in the panel type 3.2C01, sofa type 10.2B01 and Jisewell Weibang Guangzhou (Pazhou) Furniture Purchasing Center With a total area of ​​nearly 2,000 square meters, the scale of the exhibition has astounded the entire Guangzhou International Furniture Fair.

The products exhibited by Jianwei Human Furniture include walnut light series, pear wood series, white oak series, white-edged walnut series, oak varnish series, children's series, high-end sofas, etc. Among them, the Jisheng Weibang Pavilion will be unveiled in a brand-new Jianwei flagship showroom, while the Shadong Development Center will solemnly launch the Jianwei sofa independent store model.

The strong product portfolio lineup and the new terminal store packaging model have attracted a large number of visitors from all over the world to stop and make the entire booth soaring in popularity.

Jianwei Human Furniture adheres to the humanized design concept, and has been pursuing the ideal of allowing more consumers to enjoy humanized home life for many years. In the environment of fierce competition in the furniture market, Jianwei has conducted in-depth market research. From the perspective of consumers, it has developed and designed batches of batches of modern, stylish and elegant furniture that consumers love. At this exhibition, Jianwei Human Furniture lived up to expectations and brought a series of multi-style and multi-style products, stunning four seats, which made the guests attending the exhibition feast for the eyes.

During the exhibition, Jianwei 2009 new profit model will be unveiled on September 9 at the dealer conference of "New Model · New Starting Point · New Opportunity" held in Jiangmen. Jianwei Chairman Zhao Chongwei, brand strategy experts and representatives of successful Jianwei dealers will decode the development of 2009 Jianwei Furniture for the guests and customers, and open a new pattern of furniture marketing.

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