In summer, extreme weather phenomena such as high temperature, too dry or too much rain and too much humidity often occur. Therefore, it has not been considered a good season for home improvement. In fact, as long as the summer construction pays attention to some important matters, quality problems can also be avoided. Here, the editor of Life Home has collected the decoration information suitable for summer construction for you, hoping to help you find a satisfactory love home this summer!

Today's young fashion family has little interest in serving those expensive wooden furniture. Lightweight and cool non-wood furniture is of course their new favorite. These creative, colorful, exaggerated furniture must not be used Thoughts are brought into the world of sunlight, and are affecting people's eyes and brains with their new aesthetics. The materials of non-wood furniture may not be new. At present, metals, glass, bamboo and rattan and plastic are still the most popular and the most common materials, but the ever-changing science and technology has injected extraordinary vitality into them, making them glowing Glorious.

The use of metal for decoration in the home is not new. Many people advertise their avant-garde with metal decoration. The earliest metal products only appeared in simple pots, bowls, scoops and pots, but nowadays, people who love the color of metal can enjoy it in their own homes. From aluminum ceilings, aluminum wall surfaces to metal countertops, metal baffles, metal bedroom doors, even metal heating hoods, window sills, and floor surfaces. From top to bottom, I hope that the metal effect at home can be done as long as I want it. Especially in the special family spaces such as kitchen and bathroom, metal furniture has occupied a place in modern furniture by virtue of its own particularity. The metal racks we often see in daily life are simple, flexible, and large in capacity, which brings a lot of convenience to life; the metal-textured seat combines the coldness of metal with the simple lines of steel pipes, regardless of texture or vision The effect reflects the unique innovation of the designer, which is in line with the simple style advocated by modern homes; the computer desk is made of metal, with a simple style, small footprint, but large capacity; the computer, mouse, keyboard, and files are all on your side. Make work easier and more convenient.

Plastic furniture

Plastic furniture is very familiar to us. Just like people's dependence on electric lights, plastic products have become an indispensable thing in people's lives. Looking around your room, you will find plastic products everywhere in your life, such as Plastic barrels, plastic basins, electrical enclosures. However, apart from being cheap, we rarely notice other advantages of plastic furniture. In fact, compared with furniture made of wood or metal materials, plastic furniture also has its unique advantages. Plastic is extremely malleable and can be processed into any shape. At the same time, it is rich in color and easy to match with other furniture. It can be said that plastic furniture has been everywhere in the family. For example, in a small space, choose a few colorful and smooth plastic seats to decorate the small space, which can make the family atmosphere more lively and even more artistic; the combination of plastic chair surfaces and metal chair legs is commonly used by designers. The technique reflects the popular style of modern home design.

Plastic is a polymer material with excellent physical and chemical properties such as heat insulation, sound insulation and oxidation resistance. Most importantly, plastic furniture can be recycled and reused to minimize pollution to the environment, so people are paying more and more attention. In addition, plastic has a large plastic space, and some excellent designers have penetrated their avant-garde design concepts into the design of plastic furniture to perfectly combine the practical and aesthetic functions of the furniture. At this time, the plastic furniture presented to us is not just It is a necessity of life, and it is still an artwork with ornamental value. In addition, the maintenance of plastic furniture is simple, easy to clean, does not absorb water, and is particularly suitable for use in modern homes.

Glass furniture

In a room with a small living area, glass furniture is the most suitable, because the permeability of glass can reduce the pressure on the space. In the past, people always thought that glass furniture made people feel insecure. Nowadays, it is especially used for home decoration. Glass materials have not only achieved breakthroughs in thickness and transparency, but also made glass-made furniture have both reliability and practicality, and infused with artistic effects in the production, making glass furniture more decorative while giving play to the practicality of furniture Beautify the effect of the bedroom. In the bedroom, study room, living room, put a few pieces of exquisitely designed glass furniture, and feel the dreamy romantic sentiment in its clear and transparent, crystal lovely. For example, glass seats of various colors can add colorful visual effects to the home and bring a relaxed and happy mood. In this environment, listening to beautiful music and drinking a glass of beer should be the most comfortable enjoyment for young people; now the combination of glass tabletops and wooden table legs has created a new design concept of design style, transparent tabletops bring people The refreshing and translucent mood also adds a lot of brightness to the living room.

Glass furniture generally uses high-hardness strengthened glass and metal frames, the transparency of glass is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary glass. The high-hardness strengthened glass is strong and durable, can withstand the conventional knocking, bumping, striking and pressing forces, and can fully bear the same weight as wooden furniture. Most of the glass furniture appearing in our rooms are mainly wine cabinets, coffee tables, audio racks, and cabinets. Due to the small and exquisite shape of the general glass furniture, the small area, coupled with the visual transparency, the posture is free , Especially suitable for petty bourgeoisie families. In addition, with the development of glass technology, high-hardness tempered glass is not only used in furniture manufacturing, glass floors, glass walls, and glass stairs have far exceeded the traditional concept of furniture in people's vision. Bright glass furniture brings us a bright visual effect, and leads us out of the closed, dim, dead room pattern.

Bamboo and rattan furniture

On a hot summer day, I placed some bamboo and rattan tables and chairs at home, listened to the known cry, swayed the big fan to lie on the wicker chair, and smelled the smell of nature. Bamboo and rattan seats are well-deserved green furniture and are increasingly popular. A few pieces of rattan furniture are occasionally displayed in modern homes, which are beautiful and traditional, and reveal a bit of simplicity in fashion, which reflects the style and taste of the owner. For example, rattan sofas and seats, with white cushions and cushions, are comfortable and full of emotions, and enjoy the romance of life in leisure; the rattan table legs and seats bring you the refreshing summer and the simplicity. Tasteful; the rattan tea table placed in the living room will fill the room with rustic simplicity and elegance; lean on the wicker chair and read a book you like, accompanied by birds and flowers outside the window. The idyllic poetry is vividly reflected in the weaving of bamboo and rattan.

Furniture made of pure natural bamboo and rattan not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also has fewer phenomena such as moisture absorption and heat absorption during the production process. It is also insect-proof and resistant to deformation, cracking, and degumming. This kind of performance is equal to or exceeds the middle and high grade hard wood. After strict processing, bamboo and rattan become soft and tough, and a variety of furniture is produced in the overlapping and intertwining of each other. The bamboo and rattan furniture has good air permeability and natural flavor, which gives a refreshing and pleasant feeling. In addition, in addition to the essential advantages, bamboo and rattan furniture also has high decorative and appreciation. Through people's clever preparation, the patterns and styles of bamboo and rattan furniture are much richer than before, with newer styles and more styles. Its color is natural and natural, always giving people an idyllic feeling, and because of its natural color, it can be naturally matched with any style of furniture, there is no dazzling contrast and inconsistency, but it will add a bit. Elegant and somewhat rustic.

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