Furniture Shopping Net was fortunate to interview Zhang Xudong, general manager of East China District, Chengdu Good Scenery Furniture. When interviewing him, he was attracted by a photo on the table. It was a commemoration left by his son when he won the chess game. The child played chess Due to his father's influence, Zhang Xudong is a master chess player. The small chess board is like a huge commercial battlefield. The chess layout is like a market operation. It pays attention to strategy and tactics. He is a child-loving father. He is a man who loves his family. He is also the vice president of the Sichuan Furniture Chamber of Commerce in Suzhou City. He is also an outstanding manager of Chinese furniture terminals. How can he let the furniture shopping guide slowly for you? Parse.

Zhang Xudong, General Manager of Good Scenery Furniture East China

Zhang Xudong (right), General Manager of Good Landscape Furniture East China and Li Jiaxin, the spokesperson of Good Landscape Furniture

Rising sun
Beautiful scenery

      When General Manager Zhang first came to Suzhou in 2000 , he could be regarded as a very early generation of Sichuanese furniture people who came to Suzhou Likou furniture industry. At that time, Zhejiang and Guangzhou furniture occupied the main furniture market, and Sichuan furniture was in Suzhou Likou furniture. In the industry, it is still a state of groping and chaos. When he saw the opportunity, he dared others to dare. With new ideas and new models, he resolutely joined Good Scenery Furniture and vowed to make Good Scenery a Mercedes-Benz BMW in the Chinese furniture industry.

    Tirelessly to run around busy, excluding hard to develop East China market Xudong Zhang won the 2009 Sichuan furniture province Development Award, which is the furniture industry in Sichuan of his work recognized and affirmed in 2010, he was dissatisfied with the status quo, he one by one to He and his team put forward new goals. They are strict in achieving their goals. They are strict with themselves and pay attention to the cultivation of furniture talents. He must make good scenery furniture bigger and stronger, and push Sichuan furniture to Nationwide.

Life is like a journey, the important thing is not the length but the content. Use your ability to create beautiful scenery.

Think carefully and work diligently

A successful person always experiences many ups and downs, Voltaire once said that without great difficulties, there will be no great cause. But Zhang Xudong has been smooth sailing since joining the furniture industry in 1999. This kind of luck will more or less arouse the envy of others, and he will worry about how long his luck will last, but his luck is not accidental. The reason for freedom and smooth sailing.

Gu Yun is little and studious, like the sunrise sun: strong and studious, like the light of the sun; old and studious, like the candle. On the desk of Zhang Xudong is a book of the way others manage, a CD of "Leadership" and a group photo of the
96th "Entrepreneur Public Speech". It can be seen that Zhang Xudong is a person who likes to keep learning A person who keeps thinking, a gentleman who is knowledgeable and who is indifferent to himself, knows what he has done, and his smooth sailing and no setbacks are reasonable.

Nothing is impossible

Different people have different methods of success. Prudence, thoughtfulness, and diligence are inevitable. In addition, Zhang Xudong has his own unique five steps to success: the first step, clear goals; clear goals are like aspirations, not the world Things. The second step is to plan in detail; only by planning can ideas be turned into reality, and there is the possibility of implementation. The third step, the heart is worse than the action; only thinking in the heart and not implementing it is always a fantasy. If you don't start, there will be no results. The fourth step is to revise the combat plan; in the course of the operation, you will encounter some problems that are contrary to the plan. You should temporarily stop reviewing the past, find out the solution to the problem, and revise the plan to make it consistent with continued development. The fifth step is to persevere; success may not appear so quickly. This long time requires us to persevere with confidence. The ancients said: Perseverance and perseverance, decayed wood does not fold; perseverance, gold stone can be carved. People can persevere, and everything in the world is impossible.

"Determination determines success" is the truth that Zhang Xudong believes. This Sichuan furniture man has made up his mind to continue to develop and innovate the furniture industry. The small manager is willing to give everything for Sichuan furniture.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is the name given to salt extracted through seawater. We collect sea salt by moving the brine (seawater) into PVC-floored salt evaporation ponds, and extracting salt from the evaporite. The hot and dry climate of Pakistan allows us to evaporate water from the brine solely through solar energy. The extracted salt contains numerous impurities, and must first by purified. We can provide sea salt processed for a number of uses, including the following:

Edible Grade Salt

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Industrial Grade Salt

Sea salt has hundreds of industrial applications. It is very widely used in chemical industries, for example, the Chlor-Alkali industry, which uses chiefly salt to manufacture chlorine and caustic soda. Chlorine and caustic soda are used further in the manufacture of paper. It is also used as a water softener. Soft water can more economically use soap and detergent, and is therefore ideal for cleansing purposes. Rubber manufacturers use salt to separate rubber from latex. It is used in the metal industry to remove impurities from metal. We produce A and B Grade Sea Salts for such industrial uses.

Another major use of salt is de-icing, removing ice from a surface. Although rock salt is the more common type of salt for this purpose, sea salt is also perfectly suited to perform the task. This works by spreading diluted salt over the frozen surface. Since salt water has a lower freezing point than pure water, ice melts away as soon as it absorbs salt. We produce a C Grade Sea Salt for de-icing purposes.

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Various kinds of sea salts can serve as bathing additives, and are believed to possess healing and therapeutic properties. Water softeners can also be used as additives to a bath, which creates lather of better quality. They can reduce the "wrinkling" effect of prolonged exposure to water. Bathing with bath salts can prove a very relaxing experience.

Sea Salt

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