In the past two years, the price of classic furniture that has been "purple" has basically returned to normal. Compared with the peak price in 2007, some of the classic furniture with a large drop has reached 50%, but the truly valuable Ming and Qing furniture is still Favored by collectors, its upward momentum is still unabated. In the long run, since the raw materials of classical furniture will only become more scarce, its final price trend will inevitably be a long-term increase.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, China's classical furniture collection has been showing good momentum, especially by the spring of 2007, the classical furniture market has risen more rapidly, and most of the furniture prices have doubled or more than twice. The fine classical furniture has been fired because of the rare sight. Some people who bought classical furniture at a low level in the early years and were able to make timely shots in early 2008 have made a lot of money.

Raw materials fell sharply

After entering 2008, the classical furniture market that had been popular in the collection industry suddenly encountered a cold snap. The prices of raw materials that have continued to rise in price in recent years seem to be returned to their original form in an instant, such as: from 300,000 yuan / ton to The red sandalwood of about 700,000 yuan / ton fell back to 300,000 yuan / ton; after the price of rosewood rose from 30,000 yuan / ton to about 100,000 yuan / ton, it also began to fall sharply; Hainan's Huanghua pear wood was fired to 2.6 million yuan per ton, and it also fell rapidly. At the end of 2007, the furniture collection market, which was called "suspected of bubbles", had a substantial price reduction. In 2006, a set of antique small leaf red sandalwood furniture was about 200,000 yuan. By the end of 2007, it had been fired to 450,000 yuan.

In the end, there were no buyers willing to take over in the furniture market. Merchants holding a large number of small leaf red sandalwood had to cut prices significantly after entering 2008. At the 5th China-ASEAN Expo in May 2008, the price of classical furniture has fallen sharply. The price of a mahogany 8-piece set in Vietnam is only 480,000 yuan, the price of a tea tray in Laos is only 1400 yuan, and the price of a mahogany lounge chair in Cambodia is only 3000. Multiple. The author recently discovered from many furniture stores in Shanghai that the prices of classic furniture that had been speculated in the past two years had basically returned to normal. Compared with the peak prices in 2007, some of the classic furniture that had fallen sharply had reached 50%.

Boutique is still optimistic

Furniture collection is not entirely about "material determines everything", but to consider the age, craftsmanship, and material of the furniture itself, but also pursue the aesthetic taste of furniture artwork. Although the antique mahogany furniture has fallen sharply, the genuine and valuable Ming and Qing furniture is still very popular among collectors. This is because the existence of classical furniture is limited, especially the fine classical furniture is very rare, almost sold. One less, one more, and true collectors of classic furniture, they generally can't get in and out of the favorite fine furniture, which is also an important reason why the price of classic furniture can rise steadily year by year.

Some people bought a pair of Qing Dynasty rosewood wooden chairs at the end of the 1980s for 1,000 yuan. By the mid-1990s, they had risen to 10,000 yuan, but now the price is at least 100,000 yuan. The appreciation of the classic furniture is faster. For example, in the spring auction of China Guardian in late April 2008, a case of a large flat rosewood sandal of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty was sold at a high price of 31.36 million yuan, breaking the highest world record for Chinese classical furniture auctions. Immediately afterwards, a Qinglong Qianlong rosewood bed with a waistband Passionflower Bogutu Luohan bed once again set a new record with a transaction price of 32.48 million yuan, all of which fully shows that powerful collectors have Investment prospects remain very promising.

Which furniture still has drama

Classical furniture from "high price" to almost "crash", although related to the outbreak of the global financial crisis, but excessive speculation in the market is arguably the most fundamental reason. Has the classical furniture market fallen into place and is it worth collecting for investors to copy the bottom? The author believes that the important reason for the substantial price reduction of many mahogany raw materials in the current market is that these mahogany raw materials are not extinct or on the verge of extinct, but there are investments Classical furniture of value is made of the extinct Hainan Huanghuali or other precious tree species. Of course, in the long run, since the raw materials for classical furniture will only become more scarce, its final price trend will inevitably be a long-term increase.

However, not all classical furniture will have excellent performance. Relatively speaking, some furniture with good materials and good workmanship will have a more upswing. For example, Huanghuali, red sandalwood, rosewood, etc. are highly sought after by the market, but the quality is not very good. For high materials such as white wood, the investment appreciation space is smaller. At the same time, collectors should distinguish whether they are imitations of old wood or new wood when choosing furniture. The price of new wooden furniture will not rise easily unless there is hot money to stir up this market again. However, if it is ancient wood furniture, it can be properly invested if the funds allow, because the non-renewability of its materials determines its considerable appreciation space in the future. In addition, we must also see the quality and quality of classical furniture. For example, the price of a complete set of classical furniture in good condition is very high. If the furniture has defects in an inconspicuous place, the price is slightly lower, while in the conspicuous place. For larger furniture, the price may be very low.

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