Guangzhou, Beijing, and Suzhou are the three famous producing areas of Chinese classical furniture: Guangzhao Atmosphere, Suzuo Jingqiao, and Jingzuo Yongrong. More than 30 selected works of ancient furniture from the three places provided by several classical furniture collectors in Guangzhou will be exhibited in Boya Classical Furniture Mall of Guangzhou Cultural Relics Headquarters from now on. The general public can not only see these collections of Ming, Qing and The style of Chinese classical furniture in the period of the Republic of China. At the same time, the exhibition is like a hot probe, testing the recent collection of classic furniture in Guangzhou.
Sometimes history can really be touched and played, not just memories. I think this is one of the charms of collection. For example, the three Chinese Classical Furniture Exhibitions in this period include the Su-style Arhat bed five-enclosed screen, the Su-style Ganoderma chair, the Su-style flower table, the Jingsuo Sancang stone desk, the five-ring round table, the Cantonese-style circle chair, the bamboo chicken mahjong Taiwan and so on, the skillful craftsmanship is self-evident, but the story that touched me the most is the accumulation of stories and history. Whether you look at it from a distance or touch it, you seem to feel the "body temperature" in their "body". It is their story spokesperson, Manager Liang Shaona of Guangzhou Boya Art Co., Ltd., who can let these ancient furniture travel through time and space, and reproduce their past events. Through her, we can also understand the current collection of Guangzhou classical furniture.

Story one

Su-style Arhat bed, poignant echo

Appreciation: The big smoke bed in the late Qing Dynasty is an evolved variety of Arhat bed, typical of the Soviet-style workmanship. The upper bed of the bed is a five-environment screen, and the frame is set with seven marbles. The texture of the stone resembles the Tang monk's apprenticeship in Journey to the West. The edge of the stone pattern is like a fast-flowing quicksand river, and it is like a stormy cloud mountain; the two armrests are carved with two beautiful Ganoderma lucidum; the bed board is framed with three red wooden boards, and the surrounding dental boards are carved into a looped knot The pattern means "the long history", and the knot pattern is also called "pan length"; the feet are flat square feet with marble inlaid. This Arhat bed is exquisite in materials, stretched in structure, exquisitely carved and exquisite, and integrates artistry and practicability. It can be regarded as the Su-Arhat bed.

Story: In that year, the Guangzhou collector heard that there was an exquisite Arhat bed at the home of an 80-year-old "self-combing girl" in Panyu, so he came to visit and ask for advice. He was very happy when he saw this . It turned out that the Arhat bed was a gift from the old woman's father in her early years. From young age to old age, this Arhat bed was like a loyal friend who accompanied the old woman. The collector also wanted to get this Arhat bed, so he went back and forth more than a dozen times to visit, sincerely make friends with the old woman and help the elderly in a timely manner. The collector also understood the old woman's reluctant mood, so she sent all the money for the purchase of this Arhat bed "in one go" to the old woman, and let the old woman think about it for three months before deciding. .

The collector promised to take good care of this Arhat bed. After collecting the Arhat bed, the collector also personally brought the old lady from Panyu to Guangzhou, so that the elderly would feel that the collector also loved the Arhat bed. Not long after, the collector unexpectedly heard that the old lady was dead.

Story two

Cantonese Circle Chair and Bamboo Chicken Mahjong Table in Ming Dynasty

Appreciation: Cantonese style chairs, typical Cantonese furniture. The chair ring is made of five-section logs with rivets and tenons, the middle section is embossed with a squirrel, and the backrest plate is a beautiful embossed pattern of Fushou Yannian. The four-legged upper Zhuang Zhuangyuan is round, and the inner side of the lower Zhuangzhuang outer circle is made by Yi Mulian. There are four auspicious clouds engraved on the outer drum teeth of the gang stick. The pin foot is a backgammon practice, and the seat plate is framed with a single board. The overall structure is reasonable and the shape is simple and elegant.

This Cantonese style chair is the oldest in the exhibition. According to the appraisal by authoritative experts, this chair should be the work of the late Ming Dynasty. Especially precious is that the material of the seat ring is Hainan Huanghua pear in the Ming Dynasty, with a diameter of nearly 6 cm thick, the texture and feel are extremely delicate and warm, and the other material is Nanmu. If the entire circle of chairs is the Hainan Huanghuali in the Ming Dynasty, it would be sky-high, but now it is about 700,000 yuan. What is "Bamboo Chicken"? This is the saying of the people of Guangzhou. In the bamboo festival, people in Guangzhou used to call it "bamboo chicken". This Seiko carved bamboo table turned out to be the work of Zhang Mahjong, the Republic of China period. Its design is small and special. The four covers can be opened and closed. There is a small drawer in each direction, which is convenient for putting things when playing mahjong.

This mahjong table was seen in a home of an overseas Chinese when a collector doing travel business traveled in Europe. It was brought by an overseas Chinese from Guangzhou. After repeated persuasion by the Tibetans and the purchase of heavy money, this mahjong table was returned. Arrived in Guangzhou.

Create a good atmosphere for collection

Among the three masterpieces of Chinese classical furniture, the most respected is the widely-used product, which was also appreciated by the rulers of the Qing Dynasty. However, compared with the collection and auction of ancient furniture in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places in recent years, the collection situation of our birthplace of ancient furniture has always been tepid, and there are more than ten famous art auction houses in China. In the past few years, even a large-scale special auction of ancient furniture has not been held, and collectors and scholars who systematically collect and study ancient furniture are also lacking. An antique furniture collector regretted that he had seen two antique furniture collectors from both the local and the north at the same time saw a piece of antique furniture in Guangzhou, a local collector who was in perfect condition. He was reluctant to buy 500 yuan and was bought away by the northern collectors.

Before the exhibition of selected works of ancient furniture in the three places was officially held, Manager Liang specially invited many antique furniture collectors and experts to appraise them. The results unanimously believe that these ancient furniture are well preserved and beautifully made. Manager Liang also hopes that through these three "Chinese Classical Furniture Exhibitions", the ancient furniture collectors will have a platform for communication and learning, and at the same time create a good atmosphere for collecting antique furniture.

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