Three Guarantees lags behind and affects rights protection

According to data from the Industry and Commerce Bureau , a total of 823 furniture product complaints were accepted in 2009 , a 10.83% reduction in complaints compared with 2008 , accounting for 3.45% of the total complaints for the year . Due to the lag of the “ three guarantees ” of furniture , it is difficult for consumers to return or exchange goods, and disputes about return or exchange have become hot issues of complaints.

Lang Danke, Director of the Complaint Department of the Beijing Consumers Association, said that from the complaint incident that the Consumers Association took over, the disputes mainly concentrated on the following aspects: the propaganda was inconsistent with the real thing; important information was hidden when signing the contract, and some sales personnel The unclear labeling of the implementation standards and materials has prevented consumers from maintaining their rights and interests in accordance with the contract; accidents such as damaged furniture caused by improper installation during delivery; and excessive environmental protection of furniture .

The lag in the three guarantees for furniture is mainly reflected in the following three aspects.

   1. Missing environmental standards

It is understood that the furniture "Three Guarantees" is actually currently performed in 1998 by the Beijing Municipal Technical Supervision, Beijing Municipal Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau and Beijing Municipal Commerce Commission jointly issued the "Beijing furniture repair, replacement, return the liability ", Commonly known as the " three guarantees for furniture " . Lang Danke said that because the regulations were formulated more than 10 years ago, some provisions in the regulations have been inconsistent with the status quo. Because of the low level of awareness of environmental protection in the past few years, the scope of the " three guarantees " stipulations does not cover the " environmental protection exceeds the standard " , and there is no relevant content that the environmental protection does not meet the standard. If the environmental protection of the furniture exceeds the standard, it can usually only be handled according to the agreement in the appendix of the "Beijing New Furniture Sale Contract" formulated by the Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau in 2009 that does not meet the " environmental protection testing " standard.

   2. Incomplete material coverage

After reviewing the "Beijing Furniture Product Repair, Replacement, and Return Responsibility Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as " furniture three guarantees " ), it was found that during the " three guarantees " period for furniture products , the serious product quality was stipulated as " breaking tenon and breaking" " Material " , " deformation of parts " , " loose structure " ; metal furniture " fracture of welding point " ; soft spring mattress " spring puncture " , " severe collapse " , " broken spring " ; sofa " loose structure " , " fracture of component " " . The mentioned furniture only includes " wood furniture " , " metal furniture " , " spring soft mattress " and " sofa " , many materials are not included.

It is reported that the current furniture materials include solid wood (including mahogany), wood-based panels, glass, iron, plastic, stone, etc., and even paper furniture. Lang Danke introduced that in the complaint case, there were problems such as cracking of the marble coffee table, degumming of the veneer furniture decorative panel, and glass breakage. Because these quality accidents are not listed in the serious quality problems listed in the three guarantees of furniture, When the consumer returns or exchanges, the salesperson will use this as an excuse not to return or exchange, so disputes often arise.

   3. Some articles lag

Due to the development of the furniture industry and technological progress, some " serious quality problems " in the furniture " three guarantees " regulations rarely appear now, and some regulations do not have much guiding significance in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Lang Danke pointed out that at present, most consumers use panel furniture, and there is basically no " breaking tenon and breaking material " . The reporter learned from the manufacturer that only part of the solid wood furniture will be " breaking tenon and material " , and most of the panel furniture will be caused by the looseness of the door of the furniture due to the loosening of the screws during the use or the problem of the track. , But these are not included in the " serious quality accidents " listed in the three guarantees for furniture .

Lang Danke said that due to strict management of well-known stores and the "first payment " policy, the frequency of disputes is relatively low, and consumers are advised to purchase furniture at a secured store. He said that on the one hand I hope the relevant departments to carry out amendments to three packs of furniture, make it more informative, on the other hand, I hope the furniture industry professionals regulate their own behavior, to make this industry a lower complaint rate.

Consumers over-protect rights to cause disputes

In addition to some disputes caused by the lag of furniture " three guarantees " , the merchants interviewed by reporters believe that some of the practitioners' irregular behavior and bumping during the installation process may also lead to disputes. On the other hand, some consumers' " excessive rights protection " is also a major source of disputes about furniture returns. After the interview, the reporter summarized four kinds of issues that easily lead to disputes, as follows:

   1. Problems caused by installation cause disputes

According to Li Li, the sales manager of Yifeng Furniture North District, installation disputes account for a large proportion of furniture return and exchange disputes. She said that during the assembly process, due to the uneven quality of the installers, the training of workers by different brands is also different, and some inexperienced workers may cause bumps and damage to the furniture. This problem is caused by the manufacturer's own reasons. In addition to apologizing to the consumer, the manufacturer will give corresponding compensation or consider replacing the product.

   2. The furniture does not match the space

Li Li introduced that some consumers set the furniture first and then decorate it. The color, specifications, color, fabric and other information are written into the contract. The consumer also expressed approval. However, due to the change in the decoration style in the later period, the furniture color does not match the overall style, or For other reasons, after the furniture was delivered to the door, consumers said that they did not want this color, but that the salesperson had made a mistake and requested a return.

Yu Xinhong, Manager of Customer Service Department of Strong Furniture, also said that some consumers have measured the space themselves and set the specifications of the furniture, but due to their lack of professionalism, it will also lead to the situation that the furniture does not match their own space. Other consumers have set the " left and right directions " of furniture , but they may have made a mistake in their own right. They said that this was not the desired " direction " after delivery to the door . As for the black and white letters on the contract, the salesperson said that they did not explain Clearness leads to failure to understand, so it should be returned.

For these situations, the salesperson will usually use the contract at the time to carefully recall the situation at the time. After the communication is invalid, each manufacturer usually handles it separately according to internal regulations.

   3. Different colors lead to color difference

Yu Xinhong introduced that because there are more warm lights in the store, under the illumination of the lights, the furniture will show the corresponding colors and effects. However, natural lighting is dominant in consumers' homes, and there are relatively few lights. After the furniture is shipped home, there will be some color difference. Some consumers think that there is a color difference in the product and ask for a return. In this case, the sales staff will generally explain it first, and let consumers go to the store to compare to see if the colors are consistent. If this is not possible, it can only be resolved through consultation.

   4. The sofa mattress has different softness and hardness

Generally speaking, according to the same standard, products made with the same production equipment and raw materials have the same quality. Yu Xinhong introduced that consumers will feel harder because of the sofa and mattresses used in the store. After being shipped home, the sofa or mattress will be used more frequently and consumers will feel softer. On the other hand, people's perception of softness and hardness will be different, and some consumers will think that the sofas or mattresses provided by the manufacturer are softer than custom-made and cause disputes.

For these " excessive rights protection " consumers, merchants generally expressed frustration, but they also emphasized that this part of consumers is only a minority, "the vast majority of consumers are reasonable. " The merchants also said that the furniture industry itself also provides It should be better, and the management of the furniture industry should be more standardized.

Reporter's notes

The reporter learned in the interview that although the relevant departments have already recognized the lag of the " Three Guarantees Regulations " , there is no definite news that they will be revised. In the short term, people cannot expect to better protect their legal rights through this regulation. Consumers are advised to be cautious when buying. When signing a contract, some disputes may be used as additional terms of the contract. Even if there is a quality problem, their own rights and interests can be maximized. Of course, if every furniture company attaches importance to its own brand image, regulates the behavior of business personnel, and pays attention to the interests of consumers, even if the " three guarantees " lags behind, the number of disputes will not be estimated.

For consumers with " excessive rights protection " , the merchants can understand that after all, everyone wants to maximize the value of the products they buy. When encountering such consumers, most of the businesses will calm down: first, the cost of protecting rights is too high, and secondly, if they can be identified, they should bear the corresponding risks and losses. Under fierce competition, even if some disputes are indeed unreasonable, most businesses will try to satisfy consumers as much as possible because of the brand image. However, in both parties to the transaction, there is always a loss of interest, which is not a long-term solution. In addition to disputes caused by misunderstandings due to lack of relevant knowledge, should some consumers also abide by certain norms, maintain calmness and rationality, and protect rights reasonably? Everyone keeps to their own moral limits, and disputes no longer exist, and harmony is in sight.

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