EIB, or European Installation Bus, is called Electrical Installation Bus in Asia. It is the most widely used industry specification and product standard in the field of electrical wiring. The formulation of the EIB standard not only improves people's living standards, but also marks the compatibility of multiple products and the compatibility of new and old products, making it easier for users to use. On the standard of EIB electrical installation bus, ABB has developed a set of automatic switch, control and monitoring system-ABBi-busEIB / KNX intelligent building control system.

ABBi-busEIB / KNX intelligent building control system is mainly composed of three parts: sensor, driver and system components. The sensor is mainly responsible for sending commands to the driver. Common sensors include smart panel, human body sensor, touch screen, temperature control panel; the driver is mainly responsible for accepting And execute the commands sent by the i-bus sensor, such as light on / off, dimming, temperature adjustment, curtain opening / closing, etc., installed in the lighting box on each floor, generally using 35mm standard DIN rail installation; i-bus system Each sensor and driver are intelligent, with a built-in microprocessor, memory, and firmware. All sensors and drivers are ultimately connected by an i-bus cable.

The XUNDA Pipe Joint & Repair Tape is a cold applied tape used for the corrosion protection and mechanical protection of field joint, fittings and specialty piping. It is suitable to protect pipe welds. The high adhesion butyl rubber adhesive is suitable during extreme cold weather application.

The Pipe Repair Tape shall be applied by hand or with a pipe wrapping machine.

The composition of the Pipe Joint & Repair Tape consists of two layers, butyl rubber adhesive layer and film backing.

Adhesive : Butyl rubber

Film Backing: Special blend of stabilized polyethylene

Pipe Joint & Repair Tape

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