Shishang Yaxuan furniture has a Scandinavian style with oriental aesthetics
Simple and stylish, concise and superb in one
Shishang Yaxuan furniture is mainly made of noble wood, North American black walnut, and auxiliary materials are Liriodendron chinense. Black walnuts in northern Europe and other places rarely form independent forests but grow together with many other tree species

Especially oak, maple and tulip tree


Shishang Yaxuan's main material-black walnut wood The surface of black walnut wood sheet is shiny, without special odor and taste, the texture is straight, the structure is fine to slightly thick, and the texture is uniform.
01 Black walnut is easy to process with hand and machine tools, suitable for nailing, screw drilling and gluing. It can retain paint and stain for a long time and can be polished into a special final effect.
02 Black walnut has good dimensional stability and stable structure. Black walnut has good hot press forming ability. The material is hard, delicate and uniform; the texture is mostly black, with stripe stripes, naturally scattered; not easy to crack; antibacterial, anti-termite hazards; corrosion resistance.

03 Black walnut is a dark tree species and has good elasticity, so it is very suitable for the surface of furniture such as tables, chairs and cabinets.


Shishang Yaxuan Furniture Other Material Sponge-Using high elasticity and high density fireproof sponge.
The furniture base is generally 33-36kg / cubic meter (Shishang furniture uses 35kg / cubic meter), and other parts of the furniture generally use 20 ~ 22kg / cubic meter (Shishang furniture uses 22kg / cubic meter).
High-density sponge features good sofa seating, moderate hardness, strong resilience, no collapse, and long service life
1——Comfortable sitting, good safety performance, not easy to deform and collapse.
2——Porous, breathable, full, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, flame retardant.
3——Good elasticity, no odor, good tension, anti-static.
Cotton linen-high-quality cotton and linen fabrics imported from Belgium. Cotton linen is a linen-containing composition of cotton, which is produced by interweaving cotton and linen.
1—— Breathable, permeable, good thermal conductivity, warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for close use.
2——Comfortable, antipruritic, anti-mite, anti-static, not ball-free, not frustrated, not curled, and skin-friendly. The PH value is acidic and non-irritating to the skin.

3-Can improve sleep, use cotton and linen to make the human body have a warming effect, increase the body's microcirculation blood flow, effectively regulate the nervous system, dredge the meridians, and improve sleep quality.


4——It is not easy to fade after sun exposure and washing. It will not shrink or deform after washing.
Cowhide-the first layer of small yellow cowhide imported from Italy for 3-5 years in captivity.
1——Good ventilation, wear-resistant and durable, good temperature, easy care, waterproof, breathable and skin-friendly.
2——The pores are small, evenly and tightly distributed, the leather surface is bright and smooth, delicate, the appearance is flat and soft, and the texture is full, firm and elastic.
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