When dressing up in the bathroom, many people are uncomfortable with the original layout, especially the toilet, so many users want to shift it, but you know? Displacement of the toilet is also very skillful, not just to move it, of course, some people feel that if the toilet will be displaced, the late hidden dangers will not become more, so in the entangled toilet toilet shift right? The following Xiao Bian gave you a brief introduction to the toilet toilet shift attention it, I hope to provide some help for your pattern change.

Is the toilet bowl shifting?

For this problem, Xiao Bian feels that if it can not be changed as much as possible, because there may be many hidden dangers after the shift, of course, if you want to move, if the distance is less than 15cm, you can use a special toilet shifter to operate, if Beyond 15cm, the toilet needs to be structurally modified.

Toilet toilet shift method: use toilet shifter

This method is relatively quick, but there are some drawbacks, such as a short distance, affecting the start, etc. In general, the displacement can not exceed 10mm, in addition should also consider the plugging problem and pay attention to the sealing of the pipeline, but also more Check for leaks and check leak prevention measures.

Toilet toilet shift method: re-hole mobile toilet

Digging a hole in the ground, digging the original sewage main pipe for backup, connecting the newly-purchased PVC pipe to the original main branch pipe, and changing the toilet water tank to a new position designated by the user.

Toilet toilet shift method: raise the ground

Generally speaking, if this type of method is used, it means that the developer is satisfied with the position of the toilet bowl, mainly because the bathroom is a small second-hand house. If it is higher than 15cm, you will need to raise the floor if you want to shift it. In addition, if the distance between the toilet changes more than 10cm, it is better to re-install the pipe and raise the toilet about 12cm above the ground.

Toilet shift need to pay attention to what

1, use the toilet shifter

Such conditions usually take into account whether the toilet spacing is appropriate. If you are not satisfied, you need to adjust its position, generally within 10cm can be moved, but we must pay attention to prevent the toilet blocked, of course, if you can not use it as far as possible not.

2, sunken toilet

For sinking bathrooms, if you want to change toilets, the methods are more diverse and more convenient, and you can simply shift to the opinions of professionals.

3, change the location of the sewage pipeline

If you want to change the orientation of the sewer, you must first negotiate with the downstairs to make a big elbow at the top of the lower layer. This method is much better than using a shifter, and basically does not block, but you must do after the change. Good waterproof work.

Summary: The above is about the contents of the toilet toilet is good to explain, I believe most people have a better understanding of the toilet toilet shift already, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult the small Editing.

Toilet shift

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