The sheets are draped in four sets. Each of our families will have bedding, but most of the people who choose to purchase will find it difficult to distinguish between sheets of pure cotton. Then we come together to learn to see the identification method of cotton cloth, let's take a look at how long the sheet is covered with four-piece cotton, and how to identify four sets of cotton quilt cover.

Sheets cover four sets of cotton how long wash

1, under normal circumstances we in the mall, to buy your favorite cotton sheets quilted four sets, take it home to take it to clean it again, this will be more clean. After all, there are too many people in the mall. The air sanitation is not very good. Some sheets are covered and returned to the people who do not know how many people have touched.

2. The next step is to clean the sheets and use them to cover the four-piece cover. After we use them, we also need to clean up the hygiene at regular intervals and change the wash time at regular intervals. This is very important, otherwise it will affect our health. The general situation is a few days for a simple clean-up, and then two weeks for a change. It is even more necessary in the summer because the locusts reproduce very quickly.

3, but some people wash the sheets and quilt cover four sets of the way and time are different, some people are the bed linen and pillowcase cleaning time is not the same, but separate. In winter, the sheets can be washed once every two months, while the pillowcases are washed once a month. Then the summer needs regular cleaning, and more attention should be paid to this aspect of hygiene.

How to identify four sets of cotton quilt cover

1, to identify the cotton sheets are covered with four sets of methods, such as sticky cotton cloth, which is generally more soft and shiny, soft, soft color, poor flexibility. After pinching the fabric and releasing it, you can see obvious creases, and the creases are not easy to restore to the original state. There is a relatively simple discrimination, that is, to see if the label is 100%cotton.

2, cotton sheets quilted cover four sets of its characteristics are generally easy to fold, soft shiny fabrics, soft feel, poor flexibility, with these characteristics to determine cotton sheets quilted four sets. After pinching the fabric tightly by hand, it is obvious that there is a fold and the fold is not easily restored to its original shape. From the edge of the cloth, a few warp and weft yarns are opened and viewed, and the lengths of the fibers vary.

3, cotton sheets quilt four sets If close to the flame is not shrinking or melting, burning with the fire in the words burning speed is very fast, the flame's color will appear orange, and blue smoke, open the flame to continue burning Ashes will be linear. So the polyester-cotton fabric is bright and smooth, the fabric is smooth, clean and free of yarn or impurities, and the hand feels smooth. After the hand holds the fabric tightly, the crease is not obvious, and it is easy to restore the original shape.

Summary: The information on how long the sheets are quilted with four-piece cotton and how to identify four sets of cotton quilts is presented here. I hope this helps. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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