Tea green leafhopper

Intercropping with sweet-scented osmanthus or planting trees, etc., weeding weeds in the autumn and winter, providing wintering shelters for spiders and small bees to enhance ecological control potential. During the peak period of the insect population, timely and diligently collect the weeds in the tea line. The field that meets the control index can be sprayed with the following agents: tea saponin water, thiazide, high chlorofluorocarbon microcapsule suspension-suspending agent, indoxacarb EC, azadirachtin liquid, sophora flavescens and cucurbitine Aqueous agent, chlorfenapyr suspension, azole amide suspension, carbaryl thiamethoxam water-dispersible granules, and the like.

Tea è –

Protect and utilize important natural enemies such as the tea mites, the white velvet bee and the spider, and avoid the use of chemical pesticides during the peak period of the bee sting. In combination with the tea plantation in the autumn, the worms in the topsoil are removed; the chicken mites are placed; the larvae have obvious centers before the age of 3, and can be artificially killed. The insecticidal lamp is installed in the tea plantation of the tea tree, and the insects are turned on at the peak of the feathering to trap the adult. In the initial period of the cockroach cockroach, 3 to 5 sets of tea scorpion sex pheromone traps per acre are placed, and a large number of male worms are trapped and killed.

When the effects of other control measures are not obvious, the plant-derived pesticides and biological pesticides should be used preferentially, the use of chemical pesticides should be minimized, and the larvae can be controlled by the tea scorpion prion preparation. The control should be controlled at the age of 1~2, and the tea should be used with the liquid medicine. The leaf layer leaves are sprayed evenly on the front and back sides to fully exert the virus. Optional agents: tea core · Su Yunjin, matrine, thiamin, cyhalothrin, deltamethrin, biphenyl, and carbaryl salts.

Tea orange

Batchly diligently, take away some of the mites, eggs, cubs and nymphs. At the end of autumn, the stone is sealed with stone sulfur mixture and mineral oil. Artificial release of predatory mites to prevent tea mites and other small pests. In the early stage of the occurrence of tea orange pupa (in early May, late August to early September), the mineral oil is evenly sprayed with the use of 150-200 times liquid to wet the young leaves of the orange scorpion.

Tea yellow horse

At the peak of the insect population, timely and diligently, the nutrient conditions and shelters were deteriorated, and some eggs, nymphs and adults were taken away. Adults are trapped by pheromone + blue or pheromone + yellow-green traps. Combined with the prevention and treatment of tea small green leaf mites, or with reference to the chemical control of tea green leaf mites.

Tea cake disease

In the newly planted tea garden, select healthy seedlings with resistance. Remove dead branches, improve the ventilation and light transmission of tea gardens, and clear the ditch and drain water in low-lying tea gardens; timely diligently and indiscriminately, combined with tea garden transformation, choose appropriate time for pruning and Taiwan to remove diseased leaves, and avoid new disease when sprouting In the prime period, reduce the chance of infection. Increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to enhance the disease resistance of tea trees. In the tea gardens where the incidence has been severe over the years, the anti-mycin treatment is sprayed at the beginning of the damage. If the condition is serious, it will be sprayed once again after 10~15 days.

Tea anthracnose

In the newly planted tea garden, select healthy seedlings with resistance. Balance fertilization to improve the disease resistance of tea trees, and timely cut off diseased branches. Picking at the right time. For re-issuing tea gardens, it is possible to use difenoconazole or pyraclostrobin to control. National Agricultural Technology Center

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