Outdoor lighting helps us illuminate dark roads. Outdoor lighting brings great convenience to our lives. Therefore, the choices and installations are the key points, so that the installation is reasonable. Therefore, after the lamps are bought and returned home, they need to be Reasonable installation, you must know that the lighting installation is too high, affect the lighting effect, and the installation is too low, it is easy to damage. The following gives you the classification of outdoor lighting and a high degree of relevant knowledge.

Outdoor lighting height

The height of this outdoor lighting fixture is not fixed. It depends on how big the irradiation area you want and how strong it is. In general, the installation of road lights: single row of lamps equals the width of the road surface; the height of the double row of lamps is greater than 0.5 times the width of the road surface; the height of the double row of crossed lamps is greater than 0.7 times of the width of the road. (High street lights generally do not exceed 12 meters)

Classification of outdoor lighting

1. According to the classification of lamp light sources, there are many types, which can be divided into incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamp lamps, HID lamps, LED lamps, induction lamp lamps and other lamps.

2. The functions of lighting fixtures are divided into cast light fixtures, street light fixtures, garden light fixtures, lawn fixture fixtures, underwater fixtures, neon fixtures and other fixtures.

3. According to the proportion of upper and lower space distribution, it can be divided into direct type, semi-direct type, full diffuse type (including direct and indirect type with little horizontal light), semi-indirect type and indirect type.

1) Direct type

Guangtong concentrates on the lower hemisphere and can produce narrow, medium and wide light distributions, which are suitable for various locations. The use of light fixtures makes it easy to obtain high illumination in local areas and low maintenance costs. Used in outdoor lighting for street lighting, spotlights, indoor orientation and local lighting.

2) Semi-direct type

Down light accounted for, a small amount of light upwards. Lamp light utilization is moderate, maintenance costs are moderate, mainly repel the room.

3) Full diffuse type

The light up and down is roughly equal. Lamps have medium light utilization and medium maintenance costs and are mainly used indoors.

4) Semi-indirect type

The downlight is only part of the light, the lamp light utilization is low, the light is soft, the maintenance is more troublesome, and the application is less. Outdoor lighting is used in reflective garden lights.

5) Indirect type

Most or all of the light shoots upward. Lamps have low light utilization, soft light, and are cumbersome to maintain and use less. Outdoor lighting is used in reflective garden lights.

These are highly classified small to give us the outdoor lighting and outdoor lighting. It is believed that everyone should have a specific understanding of the installation height of outdoor lamps. When installing outdoor lamps, there is no way of thinking about it. First, it needs to be high, and in addition, look at the environment. Hope you can help everyone, if you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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