The requirements of the Chinese industry standard ZBF 24003-90 "General Specifications for Portable DC High-Voltage Generators" are the latest research, design and manufacture of portable DC high-voltage generators in the new era. They are suitable for the power sector, factories and mines. Power DC, high-tech power plants, scientific research institutes, railways, chemical industry, power plants, etc. conduct DC high-voltage tests on zinc oxide arresters, magnetic discharge arresters, power cables, generators, transformers, switches, and other equipment. It is the ideal new generation product in the new century.
Second, characteristics:
1. It is the most ideal and reliable product in the new century because it is smaller, lighter, more beautiful, more reliable, simpler in operation, full-featured and easy to use in the field.
2. It adopts advanced technology and process manufacturing to take the lead in applying the latest PWM high-frequency pulse width modulation technology and pulse string logic array modulation, adopting high-power IGBT devices, using high-frequency technology to increase the frequency, and the frequency up to 100 kHz, thereby making the output high-voltage stability Higher, the ripple factor is smaller.
3, according to maintenance-free design, the main components are selected from the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries imported advanced technology components, durable, not afraid of direct short-circuit discharge to the ground.
4, high precision and accurate measurement. Both voltage and current meters are digital display. The voltage resolution is 0.1kV and the current resolution is 1uA. The voltage meter on the control box directly displays the voltage value added to the load test sample. No voltage divider is needed for use. The wiring is simple. The instrument has high and low-voltage measurement leakage currents. The high-voltage end uses a round shield digital meter display, is not afraid of discharge shock, good anti-interference performance, suitable for field use.
5. High voltage regulation stability, full-range smooth voltage regulation, output voltage regulation adopts imported single multi-turn potentiometer, stable boosting process, high adjustment precision, and coarse and fine adjustment function. The voltage regulation accuracy is better than 0.1%, the voltage and current measurement error is less than 1.0%, and the ripple factor is better than 0.5%.
6, negative output, zero start, continuously adjustable, there are over-voltage, over-current, return to zero, ground protection, unique disconnection protection and other protection functions. Automatic protection circuit has strong functions, perfect and reliable protection, and makes operation safe. All kinds of technical indicators are better than industry standards and better than similar products.
7. Added the function of high precision 75% VDC-1mA to make the measurement of the zinc oxide arrester very convenient. A simple press does not require calculation. The instrument control box has 75% voltage function keys. When doing the arrester test, when the current rises to 1000uA, it will open the 0.75 button. At this time, the value displayed by the voltmeter and ammeter is 75% of the data. Immediately after the boost knob is returned to the zero position, the fine voltage regulator will be returned to the zero position. Immediately press the green button to cut off the high voltage and turn off the power switch. Do other tests.
8, convenient over-voltage setting setting function, using a digital dial switch, can set the voltage value visual display, so that you operate more freely, the display value unit is kV.
9, double pressure tube can be divided into sections structure, on-site use, flexible and convenient, more than one machine, economic benefits.
10. There are three built-in support feet at the bottom, which increases the stability of the pressure tube.
Third, the parameter performance:


Technical Parameters











Rated voltage (KV)











Rated current (mA)











Rated power (W)











Voltage measurement accuracy

Digital display ± (1.0% reading ± 0.2KV)

Current measurement accuracy

Digital display ± (1.0% reading ± 0.2KV)

Ripple factor


Voltage stability

Random fluctuation, ≤ 1% when the power supply voltage changes by ±1.0%

Overload capacity

No-load voltage can exceed 10% of rated voltage Use ten minutes Maximum charging current is 1.5 times rated current

power supply

Single phase AC 50 Hz 220 V ±10%

Way of working

Intermittent use

A maximum of 30 minutes at a time

working environment

Temperature: -10~40°C

Relative humidity: no more than 85% at room temperature of 25°C (no condensation)

Altitude: 1500 meters or less

Capacitor load capacity

Subject has unlimited capacity

1.5 times the rated current charge

Structural features

Epoxy FRP Electrical Insulation Double Pressure Tube

Air insulation, no leakage concern

Operation box features

High-accuracy 0.75UDC--1mA one-touch button (accuracy ≤ 1.0%) best suited for zinc oxide arrester test

Overvoltage protection using dial setting, at a glance

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