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In recent years, sudden natural disasters have occurred frequently in various regions of China, with many types of disasters, of which the most serious are floods. Floods have a wide geographical distribution and serious losses. The party and the government have always attached great importance to disaster reduction and relief, and provided a lot of funds and material reserves for disaster relief. In addition to the use of conventional equipment such as construction machinery, vehicles, tents, life-saving equipment, boats, etc., especially since 2010 , Changsha, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, Hubei, Heilongjiang and other provinces and cities have invested heavily in the introduction of foreign hovercraft for rescue purposes. Disaster relief, hovercraft will play a huge role in the future disaster relief. In recent years, China's own production of high-performance multi-purpose hovercraft can more effectively support flood relief.

1 deficiency of conventional boats

Conventional boats can provide transportation materials and personnel in disaster relief and play an important role. However, when the water was in a hurry and the river conditions were unknown, the boat could not sail. It is even more difficult to navigate on non-navigational routes. In the emergency rescue, small boats such as rubber boats and assault boats can play a role and can be close to the target, but they are very unsafe in the rapids and cannot be retrograde. Make it difficult to implement the rescue work.

2 Advantages of Hovercraft in Disaster Relief

2-1 Principle of Hovercraft

As shown in Fig. 1 , the hovercraft uses high-pressure air to form an air cushion between the bottom of the ship and the water surface ( or ground ) so that the hull can be separated from the water surface and high-speed navigation can be achieved. The air cushion is blown into the bottom of the ship by a blower and is formed by the flexible apron air sealing device around the bottom of the ship to limit the air from escaping. Hovercraft is using the high pressure air cushion between the bottom of the boat and the water surface to lift the hull, enabling it to travel fast on the water.

2 . 2 hovercraft features

Since the hovercraft is not a displacement type boat, it is not necessary to use water's buoyancy to support the hull during the voyage. Therefore, besides being able to sail on the water, it can also run on wetlands, wetlands and relatively flat land. These features are advantages that other surface vessels do not have. They can navigate shallow water jets, rivers upstream rapids, swamps, shallow beach coatings, rivers, and ice and ice. Hovercraft can also span the ditch and canopy, reflecting the value of hovercraft. .

2 . 3 Hovercraft application and advantages in disaster relief

When sensation occurs, it often involves a wide range of areas, accompanied by bad weather such as winds and heavy rain. The rapid flow of water causes traffic to be blocked and information blocked. Under such harsh conditions, conventional vehicles and boats cannot pass through. Hovercrafts can grasp real conditions in a timely manner because they are not subject to terrain restrictions, suspended water, ground, shoals, swamps or shores. Hovercraft speed is generally 60 to 100km / h , so the use of hovercraft inspections can be timely, rapid and comprehensive control of public opinion, is conducive to the implementation of relief work.

When disasters occur, rapid rescue is the key. Hovercraft can remove obstacles and reach the scene to rescue at the fastest speed. Its corresponding rescue platform can overcome the special shape of the hovercraft (the outer circle of the ship is a smooth airbag ) , and it is difficult for the staff on board to approach the rescued person or object. Saving people is also difficult to climb onto a hovercraft, which is convenient and safe.

3 latest hovercraft

US All Terrain Rescue Hovercraft (Click here for details)

The hovercraft is also called "vacation ship", which is a type of transport that uses compressed air to lift off the water surface or the ground. It is strictly speaking not a ship, but a type of equipment that can be used to empty air. The hovercraft is a hovercraft with "regression" and "?x car" functions, and it is also the lightest and quietest rescue hovercraft in the world.

This kind of hovercraft is faster than the assault boat. It can be used to easily traverse various special lands such as ice surface, rapids, sandy beaches, harbors, mud, snow, low grasslands, marshes, short-distance asphalt pavement, and concrete pavement. The water surface and the ice surface perform various rescue tasks such as quick rescue.

Standard configuration

( 1 ) Original Warranty

( 2 ) US Coast Guard qualified fire extinguisher

( 3 ) Aircrew tag for the US Coast Guard

( 4 ) Microcomputer line flight control: Fly-By-Wire air - cushion flight control system - can be reversing, ?x car, automatically control the stability of hovercraft hover.

( 5 ) A full set of instruments for air cushions: including tachometers, chronographs, engine cylinder thermometers, exhaust temperature gauges, fuel gauges, searchlights, search light sockets, and all wiring devices.

( 6 ) Hovercraft cover: with cushioned skirt

( 7 ) Patented air cushion skirt with SPARE parts.

( 8 ) 500-gallon pumping motor pump: used to remove rain or water The stagnant water.

( 9 ) Horns that are compliant with the US Coast Guard specifications.

(10) close to the United States Coast Guard (US Coast Guard) qualifying night lights equipment: 100,000 candlelight, 90 flash / minute, alarm, microphone, and speakers, and rescue stretcher systems.

( 11 ) Operation Manual.

( 12 ) Engine and Air Cushion Repair Tools: Including two 5am/10am fuses and two spark plugs.

( 13 ) Fuel tank and fuel tank meter induction connection.

Some of the information in this article comes from the Internet and is reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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