Smart locks are popular with consumers and sales have been good. There are many brands of smart locks, and the features and advantages of different brands of smart locks are different. Here we introduce smart locks for everyone.

Sige smart lock features

1, advanced chip

Adopt international brand ATMEL core processing chip, NXPRC522 RF chip, low power consumption, reliable and stable performance;

2, strong lock

The lock body adopts the standard anti-theft door fireproof double-speed lock body: the core parts such as the lock side board, the inclined tongue, the square tongue and the transfer block are made of 304 stainless steel casting, which is sturdy and durable;

3, the patent clutch

The motor adopts the big brand high-precision gear box type gear box motor, which has a large thrust, high transmission reliability and low power consumption. The patented structure ensures that the clutch test has 300,000 lifetimes without any faults;

4, touch key structure

Stylish and generous; using imported materials touch panel, good durability;

5, low loss

Power microwave startup, mature technology, stable and reliable;

6, safe mode

Different from the normal mode, in the safe mode, two users are required to pass the authentication to open the door, which can be a card + password or a card + card mode;

7, voyeur password input

When the password is unlocked, other numbers can be entered before and after the correct password group (up to 20 digits can be entered with the password).

8, Tibetan style lock lid structure

Low-voltage alarm function: When the battery voltage is lower than 4.6V, verify the door open, the door lock has a low-pressure alarm, low-voltage alarm, and still can normally open the door more than 200 times;

9, external power supply and data download

When the battery is completely dead, you can use the data cable to connect the Micro USB data download interface at the bottom of the outer panel and charge your laptop or mobile phone to open the door, or you can download the data to your computer for reference.

10, self-locking function

Within 3 minutes, enter the incorrect management password 5 times or brush the non-opening card 5 times, and the door lock enters the locked state for 3 minutes. At this point, the button and the card are invalid, and the self-locking state is released after 3 minutes.


Smart song lock advantage

Easy installation:

1, a standard opening: the use of dual-speed standard anti-theft door lock size, most standard anti-theft door locks can be installed directly from the hole to upgrade the installation of fingerprint lock;

2, the connection line: only need to insert two two-wire socket to complete the installation of electronic components. (The outer panel is connected with the inner and outer wires, the outer panel and the lock body)

3, 3 positioning columns: Effective positioning of the lock body and the relative position of the inner and outer panels, quick installation:

Ease of use:

1, Cheng OLED LCD display operation, eliminating the need for complex instructions, registration, delete, clear the user is very convenient;

2, high-frequency Mifare card, can be used for card system;

3, with double quick lock body, put the handle on the tongue, convenient and quick;


1, low-voltage alarm, prompting you to replace the battery in time;

2, battery replacement is convenient:

3,5VMicro USB emergency external power supply:

SiGe smart lock has been deeply plowed for many years in the industry. With products as the core and consumer experience as the paramount, sales have been far ahead. If you want to buy a cost-effective smart lock, think song is a good choice for you. The above content hopes to be helpful to you. If you still want to know more about smart lock information, leave a comment below the article!

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