The world-renowned high-end smart life hardware brand, Huitailong, provides intelligent cloud locks, door locks, bathroom accessories and other high-quality products and high-quality services. It is your wish to showcase in the lifestyle hardware and smart lock industry. Hung-tu's best partner! Huitailong smart lock is now in front of the National Merchants, the following we will tell you about the advantages of joining Hui Tailong smart lock.

The advantages of joining Huitailong smart lock

1, brand authorization and use

During the performance of the franchise contract, the franchisees will obtain the franchise rights of the “Haitailong” brand, and use the full promotion of the company to enhance the brand's influence and appeal in the local area.

2. Market area protection

Huitailong Company provides franchisees with regional market protection to ensure franchisees' exclusive rights in the region.

3, brand import support

Newly joined customers, the company will send commissioners to participate in the local market survey; to provide franchisees with professional assessment of the operating site. The feasibility analysis was conducted from the business circle survey, market analysis, investment return, site selection to investment plan, etc. to ensure the successful introduction of the brand.

4, brand image management support

Huitailong provides free brand image guidance to franchisees and provides standard store design and decoration solutions to ensure a unified terminal brand image and a high level of service environment. From store design, store display, clerk's clothing to image project, the headquarters provides all-in-one, one-step support to help you enter the market as quickly as possible and operate quickly and efficiently.


5, business counseling training

Huitailong provides professional shopping guides, sales, services and internal employee training to franchisees.

6. Strengthen store management operation support

Huitailong provides franchisees with advanced storefront management system models and market operation strategy support.

7, strong product development and production protection

Huitailong production base has advanced production equipment and high-quality professional practitioners, with strong product design, research and development and manufacturing capabilities. At the same time, strict product quality supervision system has made product quality better protected.

8, multi-directional material support

The company will provide free indoor terminal image advertising materials, special advertising fund support, and standard image shop decoration construction fund support to reduce customer investment.

9. Efficient logistics support throughout the country

The headquarters has a wide range of logistics and transportation networks, providing accurate, fast, and efficient delivery services to terminals at any time, greatly reducing the transportation costs of goods and making franchisees and stores more profitable.

10, successful business support

The headquarters sent professional staff to guide and assist in the opening of the franchise store when it opened. Prepare a set of effective opening ceremony for you to help you take a successful step.

11, management standardization

The headquarters will implement a dedicated area responsibility system, and senior experts will be sent directly to guide the management and make every effort to create a brilliant future. Implementation of a unified brand image management and service standards, strict regional protection policies, limited development of franchise stores, exclusive distribution of authorized exclusive, and synchronized marketing strategies and strategies.

Huitailong smart lock is based on products and aims to lead all dealers to get rich together! Come and participate! The above content is edited by Hope to be able to help you if you want to know more about Huitailong Smart lock information, leave a message at the bottom of the article!

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