Installation and adjustment
1. In order to ensure the assembly accuracy of the reducer, it is not necessary to start the installation, do not break the seal and fill the rubber. Check the oil cover or use kerosene (diesel) to invade the antirust grease on the gear surface.
2. The use of elastic coupling between the reducer and the motor or the main engine, etc., can also be used as a gear coupling or other non-rigid coupling.
3. The speed reducer should be installed firmly and firmly, and the base adjustment gasket must be compacted (steel pad is used). The deviation of the coaxiality from the coupling must not exceed the allowable value of the coupling used.
4. Check whether the bolts on the sealing surface of the box are loose and loosen and tighten again.

Use and maintenance
1. The load test must be performed before the reducer is used.
2.Before the load test, add oil to the position of the oil mark. Turn it by hand to rotate the output shaft once. It must be flexible. Then it should run for two hours. There should be no abnormal noise.
3 load test should be gradually loaded to full load (conditional, should be 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% loading in four stages), each stage running time is not less than 2 hours, should be stable Shock vibration and oil leakage, be sure to put the oil out of the machine after failure or use a 200-mesh filter to filter the oil before use.
4. If there are any abnormalities during the test run, the cause should be identified and excluded, and the manufacturer should be notified immediately.
5. The speed reducer shall be inspected once every six months after running. After that, the tooth surface shall be inspected periodically for defects such as pitting, scratching and gluing. If the defect area exceeds 20% in the direction of tooth length and tooth height, it shall continue to develop. Replace the gear pair.

1. The gear adopts oil pool lubrication and circulating lubrication in two forms. According to the equipment instructions, the lubricant is selected. The soft tooth surface and the medium hard tooth surface reducer adopt N100-150, and the hard tooth surface and planetary reducer adopt N220-320.
2. The lubricating oil should be checked and replaced regularly. When the newly installed speed reducer is used for the first time, the new oil must be replaced after 10-15 days of operation. In the future, the quality of the oil should be checked periodically (2-3 months). If it is found that the oil does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced immediately. Generally, the oil should be changed at least once every six months. When testing the quality of oil, if one of the following conditions is encountered, the lubricant must be changed in time:
- Foreign material content in lubricating oil exceeds 2%;
- The metal abrasive in lubricating oil exceeds 0.5%;
- The water content of lubricating oil exceeds 2%;
3. The daily maintenance of the reducer is mainly whether there is oil leakage in the inspection, timely check the liquid level in the tank, whether the lubrication condition is good, whether the screws are solid and in good condition, check the temperature condition of the equipment regularly, and use lead wire to bite for a certain period of time. Into the gear mesh position to measure the tooth wear.

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