In our daily life, drawers are a very important storage space, with multiple drawers in the home or office. The things in the drawer are personal items, and the drawer lock is an important guarantee for the security of the contents of the drawer. It is also an important measure to protect privacy. But we will encounter problems with the drawer lock, or no key, how to open the drawer lock? Xiaobian will introduce it below.

Locked drawer

First, how to open the drawer lock If the key of the drawer lock is lost, the drawer lock can't be opened, what should I do? In fact, opening the drawer lock is very simple, as long as you buy a professional unlock, you can unlock it. The method and principle of opening the marble drawer lock are basically the same as those of the ordinary dark lock. When the key is inserted, turn right to open, turn left to lock, please note that when the drawer lock is opened by the tool and method of unlocking, the lever is pushed forward. When the hour hand rotates 180 degrees, the marble of the outer core of the lock cylinder will spring into the groove below the lock hole in the lock core due to the action of the spring. At this time, it must protrude into the key hole with a single hook, and the top of the marble As a result, while the push rod continues to rotate the lock cylinder in a clockwise direction, when the total rotation is 360 degrees, the purpose of unlocking is achieved. The upper marble ball is transferred into the lock cylinder groove to catch the lock cylinder, so that the lock cylinder cannot rotate. Lift the upper marble with a single hook and turn the lock cylinder with the push rod.

The opening method of the open lock is in the drawer. There are two main ways to lock the drawer. One is the so-called name lock, and the other is the so-called dark lock. How do the open lock drawer lock open? Here are some small Tuen Mun, in fact, for Ming Lock, there will be a lock nose installed on the drawer. All we need to do is open the lock nose. Another is that we can cut the lock with pliers, so that the drawer can be opened smoothly. In addition to the lock, the drawer lock has a hidden lock. Nowadays, in many homes, the drawer lock is a dark lock. For this lock, the opening is more complicated, but the lock drawer How does the lock open? There is a trick here. The inner core of each lock is composed of several parts, so if you want to open it, you need to knock the middle part with a hammer, etc., then this will open. It is.

Second, the drawer lock open to pay attention to the problem Whether it is for the lock, or the dark lock, how to open the drawer lock does require some skills, but there are some problems are indeed worth noting, one is to try to open the lock without destroying the lock is best If you want to replace it, you need to buy it in advance, and the size specifications should be as consistent as possible. Also, try not to damage the overall structure of the drawer to ensure that the drawer can be used normally. In our daily life and work, drawers are still a very important type of configuration. The role of drawer locks can not be ignored, but once faced with the situation that has to be opened, we should pay more attention to some details.

Locked drawer

Third, the drawer lock how to install Although the drawer locks a wide variety, but the installation procedures are similar, install the following installation procedures, we also install a drawer lock.

1. Preparation before installing the lock: First of all, it should be identified whether the installation lock is a drawer lock, whether the keyhole and the opening direction of the lock tongue are consistent, and the confusion of the same cabinet lock is avoided. Use the key to unlock the lock several times to check whether the movement of each transmission is flexible. Check whether the accessories of the lock are complete according to the manual. Tools for installation include auger, hand hammer, hand saw, screwdriver, woodworking chisel, tape measure and other tools.

2. Installation: Care should be taken during installation to avoid scratching the paint on the furniture surface. First find the center position of the lock installation at the top of the drawer 200mm from the top edge, and drill the through hole with a 25mm wooden drill. Take the center line of the lock head as the axis of symmetry, draw the position of the inlay according to the width of the lock box and the bottom plate, and then draw the depth of the inlay groove according to the length of the lock head and the thickness of the lock box. After painting, the saw blade is sawed on the dimension line behind the drawer panel with a hand saw, and the middle portion is removed by a chisel, and the insert groove of the bottom plate and the lock box is cut out.

All drawers with drawer locks do not need to be fitted with handles, and keys can be used instead of handles. When the drawer needs to be opened, insert the key into the lock clockwise and rotate it 360 degrees. After the lock tongue is fully retracted into the lock body, turn the key counterclockwise by an angle, and pull the key to open the drawer. After opening the drawer, turn the key clockwise to the open position. When the drawer needs to be locked, close the drawer by hand, insert the key, pull it 360 degrees counterclockwise, and lock the drawer.

Drawer lock A device used to lock a drawer. It is a type of lock that is placed on an openable object to close a certain space or an appliance. The buckle must be opened with a key or a password. Pieces. On the one hand, it can protect the privacy and security of our property, but on the other hand it may cause us some trouble, for example, when the lock cannot be opened.

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