Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, October 29 (Reporter Xu Haitao) The reporter learned from the University of Science and Technology of China that the school's Professor An Qi and Associate Professor Cao Ping recently made breakthroughs in the industrialization development of China's offshore oil seismic exploration system. The new offshore oil seismic exploration data acquisition equipment developed by them successfully completed the first sea trial at the Bohai Sea Large Work Area test line, laying a solid foundation for promoting the industrialization process of China's autonomous geophysical equipment. In the early morning of October 4th, the “Oriental Pearl” geophysical exploration vessel equipped with the new offshore oil seismic exploration data acquisition equipment independently developed by China began the operation test in the Bohai Sea Large Work Area, targeting cable sinking depth, data recording length, sampling rate, etc. In different combinations, the sea trial was successfully completed in only 2 days. The project team and the collection operation company overcame many difficulties and successfully collected about 160 kilometers of seismic data to complete the sea trial outline requirements. It is understood that the research project is affiliated to the China National Offshore Oil Corporation industrialization (mine) pilot project. At present, China's offshore seismic exploration equipment relies entirely on imports, which seriously restricts the development of offshore geophysical exploration methods and weakens the competitiveness of the international market. In order to change the status quo, the School of Physics of the University of Science and Technology of China and the China Oilfield Services Co., Ltd. cooperated in tackling the problem. This sea trial has achieved the intended purpose. To further improve and perfect, it has laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the serialization and industrialization of physical exploration equipment.

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