On June 2nd, Mr. Chen returned to his hometown in Fujian for the Dragon Boat Festival and did not return until the 10th day. After returning home, the doors and windows were found to be normal, except that the bedroom door could not be opened. Upon examination, it was found that the safe inlaid on the wall in the corner of the bedroom was missing, with 20,000 yuan in cash and gold ornaments worth more than 100,000 yuan.

After the incident, Mr. Chen first reported the case and went to the community security office to obtain monitoring. However, due to his long time away from home, the specific crime time is difficult to estimate, check the monitoring did not find any clues.

At 10 o'clock on the evening of the 13th, Mr. Chen’s son printed more than a dozen invitation notices for reward circulars, and if there are insiders who can provide clues to help solve the case, a cash award of 50,000 yuan will be awarded.

Shortly after midnight on the 14th, Mr. Chen received a telephone call from the residential property. According to Jiang Haojie, the director of the property's property, the security of the community strengthened daily patrol after this incident. On the early morning of the 14th, an anomaly was discovered when security guards visited the 17th floor of Building A. “This is a rough room that has not yet been renovated. It is usually closed.” According to the security briefing, when he visited this time and found the door opened, they found a safe here.

In room 17D above his own 4th floor, Mr. Chen recognized his own safe at a glance. At this point the doors have been opened, cash and gold ornaments have all disappeared, leaving some business papers and a few simple silver ornaments. The gold ornaments invoice that was also put in the cabinet was torn artificially. The reporter noticed that the safe had obvious signs of being shaken, and the thick cabinet doors had even been somewhat deformed.

Ms. Wang, who lives next door to 17D, claimed that she had been at home for several days. About four or five days ago, she heard sounds of electric drills resembling the house in the corridor. However, there were no other owners’ decoration on the floor.

Mr. Chen said that the opening of such a pound safe should require strong external forces and a lot of time. The thief stole the safe from the stolen owner's home.

For this incident of theft, the owners of the community were also arguing. Many owners even suspected that the thief had lived in the community because at least 60% of the households were renters.

The reporter learned from the local police station that there have been two cases of theft in the community within a week, of which the amount of money in the case of Chen’s safe has been relatively large and has now been transferred to the criminal police department for detection.

Information from China Safe Exchange/

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