Although the digging machine and the trencher belong to the products in the excavation equipment, the maintenance of the trencher and the digging machine is different. Please see the following five basic principles when the trencher needs maintenance.
First, it is forbidden to open the trencher to clean the oil passage and replace the lubricant. It is unscientific for many operators to inject lubricants into oils without replacing the oil pans or oil passages when replacing lubricants. This is because the oil pans and oil passages are not cleaned and contain many impurities and they enter. The surface of parts will aggravate machine wear, especially for new or overhauled locomotives. After the test run, there will be more impurities. If there is no cleaning into the operation, there will be burning and wrap-around accidents.
Second, prohibit the trencher from installing the cylinder head pad and apply butter. Many people prefer to apply a layer of butter to the cylinder block when installing cylinder head gaskets. When the butter is melted and lost in high temperature, the gap between the cylinder head, cylinder block, and cylinder head gasket creates gaps, and the gas easily jumps out of it, resulting in air leakage from the cylinder and damage to the cylinder head gasket. The coke produced when butter meets high temperatures can also deteriorate the cylinder mats, increase the difficulty of assembly and disassembly, and cause many troubles for repairs.
Third, prohibit open flame heating installed piston sheath. Because the piston seat is thicker and the other parts are thinner, the coefficient of thermal expansion after the open flame is warmed is large, and the piston is easily deformed. Generally, the open flame heating temperature is high. During the natural cooling process, the metal structure inside is damaged, thus reducing the wear resistance and service life of the piston.
4. Do not use a torque wrench to tighten the connecting rod screws in the trencher. Most operators do not use torque wrenches when tightening the connecting rod screws, but tighten them with special wrenches. In this way, the connecting rod screws are subjected to excessive force and generate internal stresses, causing excessive fatigue of the metal and causing the connecting rod screws to break, resulting in a motorcycle accident.
5. Do not install air filters when driving a trencher. The engine must absorb fresh air during operation and eliminate exhaust gas. If no air filter is installed, a large amount of dust in the air will be sucked into the cylinder by the engine during the operation, which will accelerate the wear of the engine and reduce the power of the engine.

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