In the autumn, the growth of cotton is transferred to the bolls and the late growth stage of autumn peach development. In this period, the roots and leaves should be taken as the center, and the scientific management means should be used to promote the healthy growth of cotton plants, prevent premature aging and gluttony and ripe peaches. Strive for a bumper harvest of cotton.

Drought and flood prevention. No water is equal to no fertilizer. If the water is insufficient, cotton plants will produce a large amount of ethylene, leading to premature aging and shedding of cotton bolls. Therefore, in the period from mid-August to mid-September, the soil moisture content of 0-40 cm should be maintained in the field. More than 55% of the cotton, only the various physiological functions of cotton can operate normally. In the course of drought prevention, we must also pay attention to the damage caused by excessive autumn rain on cotton. We must do a good job of clearing ditch drainage in time to maintain the root system and reduce rotten bells.

Top dressing. Taking full advantage of the absorption function of the leaves, the new high-fat film of the foliar fertilizer is combined with the cotton Zhuangting, to make up for the deficiency of the roots to absorb the nutrients, improve the photosynthetic capacity of the leaves, and thereby increase the cotton forming rate. Reapply the flower and bell fertilizer to meet the nutrient needs of the cotton when it is ringing; when the peach fertilizer is added, the demand for potassium fertilizer is increased when the cotton is peachized. Due to the consumption of a large amount of nutrients, many cotton fields have the phenomenon of premature fat deficiency, such as not timely. Supplementing nutrients, it is difficult to achieve autumn peach topping; timely spraying fertilizer to prevent premature aging, from August to early September, every 5 to 6 days, spray 1% urea water, focus on the back of the upper middle leaves, sunny in Spraying after 4 pm, spraying on cloudy days, should not be sprayed when the temperature is high and the light is strong, so as to avoid evaporation of water after spraying, and the phenomenon of burning leaves occurs when the concentration increases suddenly.

Scientific treatment of pests and diseases. It is necessary to focus on the prevention and control of yellow leaf dead disease, cotton bollworm, cotton aphid and other pests and diseases. Yellow leaf dead disease is a kind of physiological disease caused by malnutrition accompanied by potassium deficiency. The cotton field lacks organic fertilizer, infertile and drought, etc. This disease can occur, supplemented with potassium fertilizer and foliar spray fertilizer combined with new high fat film. 500 times liquid method for prevention and control; cotton aphids, cotton bollworms and other pests have strong resistance to drugs, pay attention to mixed drugs and rotation drugs.

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corn wet milling process, after germ gluten, starch are separated, the fiber is separated out, dosed with some corn slurry, then dried through revolving barrel contacting methed.It contains starch, cellulose and other oligossachride, meanwhile it have rich dissolvable protein and its degradable substance, such as peptide hormone, various amino acid and so on. Besides, it contains lactic acid, phytin salt, dissolving sugar, all these constitute a nutritional products.

It is good feed for phytophage livestock (cattle, sheep, and fish), also good for pig, chicken and other single stomach animals. 3-5% dosage in feed could provide the nutrition factors the animal need, but also promote the health of digesting system.

Corn Gluten Feed (CGF)18

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