• Model NO.: F
  • Color: Blue
  • Density: 3.92
  • Transport Package: Kraft Bag, Carton
  • Origin: Qingdao
  • Grain Size: 16-180#
  • Bulk Density: 1.63-1.80
  • Trademark: SISA
  • Specification: CE
  • HS Code: 6914900000


MOQ: 25 KG

The new class of corundum abrasive, the revolutionary new abrasive -

Sisa Bca (Blue Ceramic Abrasive) F16-F180# for Bonded Abrasive Tools

Characteristic of Ceramic Abrasives prepared by sol-gel method     

Ceramic Abrasives prepared by sol-gel method is a kind of sintered abrasive, grain size is tiny, only 100~500nm, hundredths of the size of ordinary corundum abrasive crystal.   


A Ceramic Abrasive in the particle size of 46# contains a billion grains. During the grinding, grains of conventional electro-melting corundum will become flat passivation after the working face being wear off, and under the action of the grinding force, it is easy for grain to fall off from the grinding wheel, which leads to a short service life. However, the whole wear process of Ceramic Abrasives prepared by sol-gel method is also the self sharpening process of abrasive grains.

During the service life, the blunt tiny grains on the surface layer will continuously expose new sharp micro-grinding edge after it falls off from the abrasive grains under the action of grinding force, which makes the grains always in a sharp situation. The grinding tools made of Ceramic Abrasives have the characteristic of long life, good self-sharp ability, high cutting efficiency, and low possibility of workpiece burning.

Main chemical composition and Physical properties of Ceramic Abrasives:


Main chemical composition
Physical properties
The offerable grain size Code





Bulk Density:


24-220# Cubitron

Package: Kraft Bag

Sisa Bca (Blue Ceramic Abrasive) F16-F180# for Bonded Abrasive Tools
Sisa Bca (Blue Ceramic Abrasive) F16-F180# for Bonded Abrasive Tools

Characteristics of grinding tools made of Ceramic Abrasives

Sharp grains, good cutting ability, and high grinding efficiency. Ability to efficient grinding with deep cutting and roughing feed.

Good toughness, low abrasion, and good grinding wheel shape retention, when used for precision grinding and shaping grinding, it is easier to obtain higher dimensional accuracy.

Grinding wheel made of Ceramic Abrasive with has a Higher durability and longer life, which is 5~10 times than the grinding wheel made of common corundum. Low frequency of grinding wheel replacement, which reduce s the auxiliary processing time and downtime, so that it is advantageous to use automatic machine tool by numerical control, for realizing automatic production.

Grinding wheel made of Ceramic Abrasive with good self-sharp ability and low probability of plug can maintain the stability of the grinding performance  ,which reduces the amount of correction (1/3 of common abrasive for general) and the number of amendments in order to improve production efficiency.

There is no need of special grinding equipment and correction device, no special requirement of CBN and diamond in grinding equipment and its correction, no special requirement of grinding fluid, which is easier to promote and extensive use. 

The abrasive tools made of Ceramic Abrasive with new properties have excellent self-sharp ability, sharp grinding edge, which is suitable for efficient grinding with a large amount of feed. The high toughness guarantees excellent shape retention capacity, and  the service life is several times more than common corundum abrasives, which is a selected raw material of the manufacture of high-grade abrasive products.

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