Computer 锣 is a kind of artificial intelligence, which is a computer-controlled machine tool to complete complex processing. The most complicated part of the computer is the part of the control system. The computer sends various commands to control the servo motor of the three axes of the machine. According to the development of the route, the various processes are processed to ensure a high degree of machining accuracy. The most used systems in the market are Japan FANUC, Japan's Mitsubishi, Germany's Siemens, occupying a large share of the market, and other manufacturers' own research and development systems, such as Germany's Rhodes, the United States, Haas, etc. It is a representative of independent research and development. However, most manufacturers do not have the energy to develop the system. More is the combination of the hairpin and the Mitsubishi system. Domestic system manufacturers include Guangzhou CNC, Huazhong CNC, etc. But it is not mature enough, and it is not stable enough to be used on computer boring machines, such as CNC lathes and CNC milling machines.

The main part of the fuselage is the castings, and the castings are also a major cause of the accuracy of the computer. It can even be said that the quality of the casting determines the grade of the machine and the stability of future use. What are the requirements for the manufacture of castings, that is, they are not deformed and rigid enough. Non-deformation refers to the actual machining process after leaving the factory. The accuracy of the machine tool is kept good, and the deformation will affect the accuracy. The rigidity of the machine can meet the labor requirements of heavy chip processing. Foreign castings are much more mature than domestic ones. Take Taiwan as an example. If Taiwan is Yongjin, the machine castings will be treated after aging, and some will be soaked in the sea for several years. The wind and rain of nature, the performance of castings tends to be stable, and then processed out, the stability of the machine tool is naturally better.

Computer 锣 common fault repair

First, the computer can not return to zero

the reason:

1. The home switch contact is stuck and cannot be operated;

2. The original stop can not hold the origin switch to the switch action position;

3. The water in the original switch causes the switch contacts to rust and contact badly;

4. The origin switch line is disconnected or the input signal source is faulty;

5. PLC input point burned out.


1. Clean the stuck part, make the active part move smoothly, or replace the travel switch;

2. Adjust the installation position of the travel switch so that the zero switch contact can be smoothly pressed to the switch action position by the stop;

3. Replace the travel switch and make waterproof measures;

4. Check the switch circuit for open circuit short circuit, with or without signal source (+24V DC power supply);

5. Replace the input points on the I/O board, make parameter settings, and modify the PLC program.

Second, the computer is positive and negative hard limit alarm

Under normal circumstances, this alarm will not occur. The machine may appear before the zero return. Because the system does not have a fixed mechanical coordinate system before the zero return, the system is randomly positioned, and the software limit is invalid. Therefore, the machine must be returned to zero before operating the machine. .

the reason:

1. The travel switch contacts are pressed and stuck (overtravel);

2. The travel switch is damaged;

3. The trip switch circuit has an open circuit, short circuit and no signal source;

4. The limit stop cannot press the switch contact to the action position;

5. PLC input point burned out.


1. Manually or handwheel shake away from the safe position, or clean the switch contacts;

2. Replace the travel switch;

3. Check the trip switch circuit for short circuit, if there is a short circuit, re-process it. Check the signal source (+24V DC power supply);

4. Adjust the installation position of the travel switch so that it can be normally pressed onto the switch contact to the action position;

5. Replace the input points on the I/O board and make parameter settings to modify the PLC program.

Third, the computer file library loose knife failure

the reason:

1. Insufficient pressure;

2. The loose knife button is in poor contact or the line is broken;

3. The loose knife button PLC input address point burned out or no signal source (+24V);

4. The loose knife relay does not work;

5. The loose knife solenoid valve is damaged;

6. Insufficient amount of knife;

7. The oil tank of the knife cylinder is short of oil;

8. The knife cylinder is faulty.


1. Check the air pressure to reach 6 kg plus or minus 1 kg;

2. Replace the switch or check the line;

3. Replace the PLC input port on the I/O board or check the PLC input signal source to modify the PLC program;

4. Check the PLC output signal with / without, the PLC output port is burned out, modify the PLC program;

5. When the solenoid valve coil is burned out and replaced, the solenoid valve body leaks and the piston does not move, then the valve body is replaced;

6. Adjust the amount of knife to smooth the knife;

7. Add hydraulic oil in the oil cup of the knife cylinder;

8. If the internal screw of the knife cylinder is loose or leaking, retighten the screw and replace the seal ring in the cylinder. If it cannot be repaired, replace the cutter cylinder.

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