In recent years, China's stone industry has repeatedly encountered "bottlenecks". In the setbacks, we can easily understand some effective ways to guide the healthy development of the stone industry: first, to clearly position, adjust its own structure, and transform the development model; second, science Manage, increase energy conservation and emission reduction, and enhance environmental protection. China's stone industry takes this as the guiding ideology, adheres to scientific management, and saves environmentally-friendly modern industrial roads, in order to further promote the development of the industry and build a new stone industry with Chinese characteristics.

Following the rapid growth of the population and the rapid development of the degree of industrialization of the country, the contradiction between supply and demand of resources has become increasingly prominent. In order to ensure long-term supply, Sean Company resolutely signed a 20-year mine underwriting supply agreement with the Armenian mine owner, and through the long-term provision of mining equipment, the mine reached a 50% interest in acquiring one of the mines. According to our national conditions, we should cherish mineral resources more rigorously than any other big country in the world, and strictly protect and make fair use and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources. This is our fundamental way out.

The exhaustion of resources - the "roadblock" of China's stone industry

Facing the serious situation of China's increasingly scarce stone resources and the slowdown in sales revenue growth, Xiamen Xien Commercial Co., Ltd. is not passively waiting, but actively expanding foreign markets, adopting the doctrine of using Armenian gold and yellow diamonds Sandstone was introduced to China.

It is understood that at present, Sheehan Stone has been optimistic about the sales prospects of Armenian gold and yellow diamond gold sandstone in the Korean stone market, and has developed a sales plan for entering South Korea. The image ambassador of Sean Stone Industry - Mr. Sean Esperanto is working Look for things. In the high-end product market, based on the initial establishment and improvement of specialized sales channels, develop new channels, add high-end brands of stone enterprises, form a professional network, expand external sales channels, consolidate the existing high-end market share, and keep the chaos Performance growth. As we all know, stone resources are not renewable. Although China's stone mineral resources are relatively abundant, but because of injustice and excessive development, stone deposits in some areas have become scarce, and the rich mineral deposits have also developed a day. Mr. Sean’s scale has not been determined in detail. The mother tongue is Korean or Korean. It can be Korean Korean compatriots or Koreans. It can communicate with English and Esperanto. Through the communication between Mr. Sheen and Korean businessmen, the company’s high-end The stone "Armenian Gold and Yellow Diamond Golden Hemp" sandstone opened up in South Korea.

It is gratifying to note that following the awakening of people's awareness of resource conservation, many far-sighted and powerful stone industry practitioners and merchants are worried about the situation, aiming at the foreign mines, and they are going abroad to seize the opportunities and foreign countries. The mine owner signed the contract directly to ensure that the company has no supply, which laid the foundation for the sustainable development of the company. Deng Xiaozhong, general manager of Xiamen Xien Company, said: At present, low-grade stone is greatly affected by the real estate market, while the situation of high-grade stone is different. Due to the impact of the market, high-end brand stone will become the development strategy of leading brand status and improve operational efficiency and Profitable business objectives. Experts estimate that China's gold mines can also support mining for 15 years, silver mines for 20 years, copper mines for 31 years, nickel mines for 46 years, and oil for 30 years, while the rest of the major mineral resources are also mined within a hundred years.

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