From January to September 2010, Boshen Tools realized revenue of 320 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.62%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies totaled 50.42 million, an increase of 27.68%; EPS was 0.29 yuan.

Overseas market recovery: The performance of US subsidiaries increased significantly in the third quarter, mainly due to the recovery of the US market and the continuous improvement of the company's sales in the US; the euro appreciated by 11% against the US dollar in the third quarter, and can expect the company's exports to Europe to grow rapidly in the fourth quarter; emerging markets For example, South America and India, this year is a preparatory stage and will not have a major impact on performance.

The gross profit margin is stable, and the impact of raw material price increase is limited: the comprehensive gross profit margin of the third quarter is 35.36%, which is stable compared with the first half of the year; the company has reduced the use of raw materials through pre-alloyed powder technology, and has good relations with downstream customers. Conducting price increases, the gross margin will remain stable in the fourth quarter.

Layout of power tools, looking forward to rapid growth next year: this year's performance growth mainly comes from diamond tools, next year power tools will become a new bright spot; the company's expansion from small parts (diamond tools) to large components (power tools) and the effectiveness of the company determines the future of the company Growth rate.

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