We often use the CAD sweep function when performing 3D CAD/CAM software operations. With this practical CAD function, we can realize the scanning feature.

More traditional is that we need to create a new datum, make a datum, and then sweep through the path. The graphics we need to scan are usually triangles, rectangles, circles, etc. If the graphics are circular, we can do this by looking at the "rod sweep" in the 3D. Let's look at the following example.

For example, if we want to use the 3D software to make the groove on the bottle, we can do it by rod sweep.

First, we need to draw a sweep path in the slotted area, as shown below:

After drawing the path, you can perform a "rod sweep".

This makes it easy to sweep the rod, and the slotted shape of the array bottle is basically completed.

In this way, we reduce the tedious steps of creating a datum and then creating a sweeping pattern by "rod sweeping". There are a lot of very clever operation methods in Zhongwang 3D waiting for us to explore. We will seriously understand the process of our initial learning of 3D CAD, and our 3D CAD technology will be improved soon.

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