1. Construction projects for the storage and disposal of hazardous chemical wastes, their occupational safety and health and environmental protection facilities must be designed, advanced, and put into operation at the same time as the main project, and accepted by the local county or above environmental protection bureau and other relevant departments. Only after passing the test can it be put into use.

2. The safety technical department is responsible for reporting the production, storage, flow, disposal and other relevant information of the hazardous chemical waste generated by the enterprise to the local environmental protection bureau at or above the county level.

3. Hazardous chemicals of various departments and workshops must be designated by a special person and sent to the hazardous waste disposal department of the enterprise for unified disposal, and should not be abandoned at will.

4. It is forbidden to accumulate flammable hazardous waste in the hazardous chemical storage area.

5. Storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous chemical waste must be classified according to the characteristics of hazardous chemical waste. It is forbidden to mix, store, transport and dispose of hazardous chemical wastes that are not compatible in nature and have not been disposed of safely.

6. For transportation of hazardous chemical waste, measures must be taken to prevent environmental pollution.

7. Hazardous waste identification marks must be set up for hazardous chemical waste containers, packaging materials, storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous chemical waste.

8. Packaging of hazardous chemical waste should be packaged that is easy to recycle, easy to dispose of, or easy to dispose of in the environment.

9. After the drugs are used up, the packaging materials left behind must be strictly managed. The department of use should register and make a book, and designate a special person to hand over the material recycling department, which is managed by a special person.

10. Locations, facilities, equipment, containers, packaging materials and other items used for storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous chemical wastes must be decontaminated and disinfected before they can be used for other purposes.

11. For the transfer of hazardous chemical wastes, the enterprise safety technical department shall fill in and handle the waste transfer joint order in accordance with relevant state regulations, and report to the environmental protection bureau at or above the county level where the dangerous materials are removed and accepted.

12. The safety technical department is responsible for formulating emergency measures for accidents that occur during the storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous chemical waste.

13. In the event of an accident that causes hazardous chemical waste to seriously pollute the environment, the safety technical department must immediately take measures to eliminate or mitigate the pollution hazard to the environment, promptly notify the units and residents that may be contaminated, and report to the manager and the local county. The above EPA and other relevant departments report.

Industrial sectional doors are the most durable and longest lasting doors to ensure circulation at the areas of the factory entrance and exit of goods, loading and unloading areas.

The body of sectional door is forming by 40 mm sandwich panels. These panels provides sound and heat insulation due to the intense doped polyurethane insulation was injected between galvanized steel sheet. (50 kg/m3).

Industrial Sectional Door systems provide space-saving with opening parallel to the ceiling.Any opening can be used clearly . and produces in accordance with the transition range and the height in the factory buildings or warehouses.

Doors is working sliding by be the most appropriate the gap between the top level of the gate with a ceiling height within the side rasils. The door can be mounted in different ways according to the gap distance (standard, low, highlift and vertical track systems).

Industrial sectional doors can easily be opened automaticly by 230-380 V-AC/50 Hz electric motor or manualy thanks to torsion spring system that balances the weight of the door.The galvanized springs are made to be durable of 25.000 door cycles.Motor with emergency chain All the drive systems have a mechanical back-up system fitted to the reduction gearbox of the electric motor, so that the sectional door can be opened if the power fails. The reduction gearbox can then be powered using the chain.

Industrial Sectional Door

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