The outstanding advantage of the tower-free water supply equipment is that the outstanding advantages of the tower-free water supply equipment are that there is no need to build a water tower, the investment is small, the land occupation is small, the water and gas is automatically adjusted, the automatic operation, and the tap water can be connected to the grid, and the power can still be connected after the power failure. Water supply, no need to look after the commissioning for several years. It saves 70% of investment compared with building water towers, saves 60% of investment by building high water tanks, and greatly saves civil construction investment. It is widely used in production, living and office water consumption in enterprises, residential areas and rural areas. The water supply households are between 20 and 20,000. The daily water supply is 20-50000M3, and the water supply height is 150 meters, that is, 50-story building. Use Kaifeng Tianhong No Tower Water Supply Equipment Co., Ltd. to fully automatic tower-free water supply equipment, just in the boiler room or basement, squeeze out a little place to install, there is a unit of tap water, use this equipment to adjust the peak water consumption, increase the water pressure, It can meet water area and high floor water when it is used at peak water. In units, factories or rural areas without running water, you only need to use the equipment to connect to the water source to get the same effect as the water tower, so that you can use the tap water with satisfaction. Users are welcome to see the sample order.

Our company also produces pneumatic type towerless water supply. The sealed tank is used to achieve localized pressurization for water supply purposes. The specific working sequence is that the water is pressed into the tank through the check valve by the water pump to compress the gas in the tank, and the pressure is gradually increased. When the pressure reaches the specified upper limit, the electric contact pressure gauge automatically stops the pump through the control cabinet. The water pressure in the equipment is higher than the external pressure and is automatically sent to the water supply network. When the water level in the tank drops and the air pressure decreases to the specified lower limit position, the electric contact pressure gauge restarts the water pump through the control cabinet. Repeatedly, the equipment is continuously supplied with water. When the gas in the tank is insufficient, the air supply valve can automatically plenum. This tower-free water supply equipment does not require a full-time operator.
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