How to properly install surveillance cameras <br> <br> when installing surveillance cameras, due to the location of the installation is not the same, the angle formed are not the same. According to the installation angle can be divided into: flat angle, elevation angle, depression angle. So how do you do the installation of these angles?

1. Flat angle: The installation height of the camera is generally close to the normal human face height, which can fully demonstrate the facial features and details. It is the preferred angle when the building entrance and exit monitoring camera is installed. During indoor installation, the installation distance, position and height can be adjusted to achieve a flat angle. . The disadvantage is that it is easy to destroy the on-site environment and the landscape is not concealed, and it is easily affected by the light environment.

Second, the elevation angle: This is more special, generally in the basement entrance, parking lot entrance and so on. The special method chosen due to the site environment needs. This angle needs to consider the influence of various light sources to avoid light interference.

Third, the angle of depression: this angle of the camera is often used ceiling or lifting method. Its advantages are easy installation and concealment, which can avoid the direct reflection of some light. It should be noted that the angle between the camera and the face should not be too large, otherwise the overhead picture is larger and the facial features are less.

Each of the three installation angles has its own merits. According to the specific engineering requirements, different installation angles can be selected, and specific adjustments can be made depending on the specific conditions.

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