Shenzhen Jinruidi Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the sales of Japanese feather surgical blades. This blade is made of stainless steel and is aseptically packaged. It is suitable for clinical medical operations and industrial production. The commonly used models are Japanese Feather No. 10, FEATHER 11 and No. 12 imported blades. No. 15 stainless steel surgical blades, No. 21 surgical blades and No. 23 sterile surgical blades. Japanese FEATHER blades are characterized by their high sharpness, durability, and solidity. They are more practical and easier to use than ordinary blades.

Another Shenzhen Jinruidi Technology Co., Ltd. sales of British Swann-morton full range of blades, British ACM carving blade, Japanese feather A35, C35, R35, N35, S35 pathological blade, Germany Lycra 819, Lycra 818 pathological blade, the British Shen Dun MX35 Pathological blades, South Korea's Aili disposable surgical blades, Japan NT-CUTTER, JEWEL series of art blades, X-ACTO carving blades, carving knife handles, surgical knife handles and other knife series equipment, welcome customers to consult!

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is used for cutting sheet metal, pipe, stainless seel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum and so on. Fiber Laser Machine is a high-tech equipment which integrated the most advanced optical fiber technic, CNC technic and  precision machinery technic.                                                       

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine widely used in electrical power, auto parts, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, advertising decoration, car decoration, sheet metal chassis cabinets, hardware, lighting, display equipment, precision parts, all kinds of metal cutting industry etc.   


Fiber Laser

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