A few days ago, Xiamen Intermediate People's Court made a final judgment, dismissed in accordance with law a penalties imposed by an ammonia-affected company against the local safety supervision bureau, and maintained the "Administrative Decision on Site Treatment" issued by the Safety Supervision Bureau.

From the report point of view, the case is very simple: the company in the refrigeration sector, lines, pipelines, fire safety qualifications and other aspects are not qualified, but overdue and refused to rectify, the Bureau of Safety Supervision fears to go on like this, indefinite days may have to make a big deal The company immediately ordered the company to suspend production and rectify and transfer liquid ammonia, which is at great risk.

There are now many law enforcement agencies who are particularly afraid of complaints and lawsuits. It seems that this is a problem that has affected the image of their own soft environment. In some places, rankings and rankings are based on the number of complaints and losses. The author believes that law enforcement agencies should insist on their own administrative actions as long as the facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive. Otherwise, it will not be hard today and tomorrow will have to suffer. Especially in the area of ​​safety production supervision, it is still somewhat different from other sectors. Urban management does not seem to have anything to do with illegal sales of street vendors in the street, but we do Security inspections are obviously hidden dangers, leaving people behind, and they may end up having troubles. Presumably, no one will stand up and say, "The safety supervision has also contributed to the development of our soft environment. It has been a zero complaint for many years. , ask the accident investigation team to raise their hands and think about it."

Therefore, when we are hard-pressed, we must be hard-pressed. Like the safety supervision bureau mentioned in the report, if the hidden dangers are in front of them, they will be guilty of negligence or malfeasance. If something goes wrong in the future, the ticket will be broken. Also be accused. However, in a society ruled by law, everything is based on facts. The evidence and consequences are even more important before the law. Therefore, companies that clearly believe that they have violated the law and take a bite back are not surprised to lose the lawsuit.

Many years ago, the State Administration of Work Safety also investigated and dealt with a company. It also took photographs and legal documents, but the owners were very arrogant. Not only did they refuse to sign but also threatened to “have someone in my city, so that you can't eat it!” We were really interviewed by a certain department of the city. The responsible person accused us of violating the law enforcement and damaging the soft environment. At the time, our single section chief was also very polite. “We didn’t check or ignore this company. I took the owner’s related illegal photos and You have to leave a copy of the paperwork and ask you to go through the formalities. After that, the company has something to do with the Bureau of Safety Supervision. "The man was paralyzed at the time." Who would dare to show up? This is not even the mayor. You still Let's do it!"....... In the end, the owner took the initiative and rectified.

You see, as long as the legal documents under us can withstand and scrutinize and judge, it must be hard to get up. In the course of security inspections and law enforcement, today you tolerate others and you may be in trouble in the future. At the time of accountability, no one will forgive you and give you a feeling. When it comes time, you will be stunned and angry, and you will never be blamed.

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