Serial self-test <br> <br> serial test is good or bad way: wire the 2, 3 feet short circuit, then use a serial debugging assistant, manually send one (or more) bytes, if the receiving area can receive To the same byte, it shows that the serial port is good and can work normally. Otherwise, there is a problem with the serial port.

After adding a serial port server, this method is still applicable regardless of whether it is a crossover line or a straight line.

Serial test simulates <br> <br> serial test can use a computer to simulate a device does not necessarily have to have the actual device. The baud rate can also be simulated.

The 485 converter 232-485 converter is actually a 485-232 converter, both of which can be used.

Try to use a variety of serial debugging assistant <br> <br> use a serial debugging assistant is a problem, such as prompt information like serial port is occupied, not equivalent to a problem with the serial port, there may be debugging assistant software itself has a problem. At this time you can try a software change.

Two ways to use the serial server: virtual serial port and IP form.

( Note: These two methods are basically equivalent, but when you encounter one of them that cannot be connected, you can try another way. That is, monitoring software may only support one of them.)

Epoxy Anti - Static Level Coating

Scope of adaptation:

Walls, floors and storage tanks for all kinds of antistatic factories such as electronics, microelectronics, telecommunications, computers, precision instruments, textiles, printing, powders, chemicals, organic solvents.
Performance characteristics:
1, excellent anti-static lasting effect, the use of static black carbon fiber manufacturing,
2, dust-proof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant;
3,Smooth surface.

Generally 5 years or more

Epoxy anti - static level coating

Construction technology:
1,Base surface treatment;
2,Brush seal primer
3,Laying copper foils
4,Trowel coated epoxy conductive coating
5,Grinding, vacuuming
6,Roll coating anti static epoxy coating

Technical index:



Drying time

Table dry


Hard work


Adhesion (grade)


Pencil hardness


Impact resistance

40 Pass


3mm Pass

Wear resistance(750g/500r,weightlessness,g)


Water resistance

48 hours no change

Resistant to 10% sulfuric acid

56 days no change

Resistance to 10% sodium hydroxide

56 days no change

Gas-resistant, 120% "

56 days no change

Surface resistance


Volume resistance


Epoxy Anti - Static Level Coating

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