Air Washers Replace water with water vapor and air

Our lives are inseparable from water, washing dishes and water, cooking rice and water, bathing and water washing, washing clothes with washing machines is also a lot of water. Daria Demina, a designer from Russia, designed an air washer called SKAT that can use water vapor and air instead of water to wash clothes and reduce water use as much as possible.

The principle of SKAT is actually very simple, somewhat similar to a dry cleaning machine. The main difference is that the internal container of the machine is filled with silver ions. When the water flows into the container, it will be accompanied by silver ions. At the same time, it is absorbed by a special absorbent material and sprayed on the clothing through the machine to remove clothes. Dirt and bacteria on. In addition, it can also iron the wrinkled clothes.

The control panel is located at the bottom of the fuselage. This is a touch-control panel. The user can preset different temperatures and vapor concentrations according to the different materials. The clothes to be cleaned need only be hung under. The use of this device is very simple, users can quickly get started. In addition, the design of the hanger is very flexible and can be changed according to the needs of the user. At present, SKAT is only a conceptual design and has not yet entered the market.

It can be equipped with a scrolling display that displays 300-500 words of display content. It can also be equipped with intelligent infrared probe anti-collision device, which can automatically return to work when people or foreign objects are 20-30CM, thus ensuring the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.It can automatically open and close when automatic clutch is cut off. Manually open and close when manual clutch is cut off. The control system has control panel, push button switch, and other requirements. Equipped with wireless remote control.The door body is made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy profiles, and is hinged by the parallelogram principle. The drive is driven by special motor, worm and worm gear deceleration, and has automatic clutch or manual clutch. 

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