Introduction: In the first quarter of 2014, the Chinese garment industry maintained a steady growth trend. The apparel industry is a basic consumer goods industry. Its basic steady growth also reminds related companies that they cannot ignore the urgent need for industrial transformation and upgrading. Relevant sources said that the development of the apparel industry should not only pay attention to transformation and upgrading, but also pay more attention to the application of informatization thinking.

In the first quarter, the warning index of China's garment industry dropped from the normal lower limit of the “green light zone” to the cooler “light blue light zone,” and the industry’s boom has declined after maintaining a relatively stable year. However, the apparel industry is a basic consumer goods industry. We must not be discouraged by some fluctuations in the apparel industry, nor should we ignore the urgency of industrial transformation and upgrading because of its steady growth.

In the first quarter of 2014, the Chinese garment industry maintained a steady growth trend. As the apparel industry is a basic consumer goods industry, it has a relatively stable development. Therefore, it is not to be frustrated by some fluctuations in the apparel industry, and the urgency of industrial transformation and upgrading should not be ignored because of the steady growth of the apparel industry.

Judging from the specific data of the apparel industry climate index in the first quarter, the current problems faced by the apparel industry such as overall overcapacity, severe homogenization competition, high production factor costs, declining international market share, and increasingly serious trade barriers are difficult to eradicate in the short term. These will become the constraints of the development of the industry. On the whole, the current garment industry has entered a new stage of development. The development mode of investment-driven, scale-expanding, and export-oriented development must undergo a major transformation. Industrial transformation and upgrading are the key to development.

First of all, we must change the mode of industrial thinking. With the development of science and technology, the textile industry has gradually shifted from labor-intensive industries to capital- and technology-intensive industries. Enterprises should increase their investment in scientific research and use new and high technologies to renovate. For example, foreign advanced equipment can be introduced to improve the style and value of products. It is necessary to start with the research and development of new textile fabrics and apparel design, and focus on development, production, sales and management, establish a series of integrated development systems from raw materials to products, and strengthen technology with famous companies at home and abroad. On the cooperation, learning and drawing lessons from its experience in product development, improve product added value, adapt to the needs of the international market.

In the past two years, companies are mentioning O2O and use O2O as a tool. We believe that O2O is not only an information technology, but also a commercial channel. At the same time, O2O is the organizational structure of the industry, the lifestyle of consumers, and the mode of thinking of modern people. From a multi-dimensional perspective to face O2O, our industry can survive in the information age, China's apparel industry's exploration and application of O2O has just begun.

The second is to change the mode of industrial development. The recent 2013 financial statements released by a number of clothing listed companies show that sales and profits of men's clothing companies have dropped by a certain extent. In the past period, many companies often simply imitated the development mode of international brands, such as expanding the number of stores, expanding the area of ​​shops, simply treating the number and area of ​​shops as the key to the channel, and viewing the advertising investment as the market’s Marketing. The garment industry is produced in the traditional manufacturing industry, but today's garment industry is not only the vertical or horizontal cooperation industry of design, manufacture and sales. Today, informatization, the service-oriented manufacturing industry has become a trend. The service system of "information flow", "logistics", and "fund flow" has become the third dimension of the industry in addition to vertical and horizontal. From a certain point of view, the service-oriented manufacturing industry is the third-dimension enterprise form formed by the “third-rate”. Alibaba’s Taobao, Alipay and rookie are the best examples. As some experts pointed out, these service-oriented functions have achieved “value-added services based on enhanced product performance”, “value-added services based on convenient industrial transactions”, “value-added services based on product integration”, and “based on product-based services Demand service."

Therefore, in the new round of industrial transformation and upgrading, we need to accelerate industrial service based on product innovation, technological innovation, and brand innovation. The society needs both the "departmental" type of "Taobao", "Alipay" and "rookie". It also needs a "special store" type of information, logistics, and financial services company. These "specialty stores" can be transformed by enterprises of information, logistics, and finance. It is even more desirable to upgrade from manufacturing to service by our traditional clothing industry.

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