The shower room brings special enjoyment to the modern bathroom. The owner also reserved a certain space for the installation of the simple shower room. So, what five aspects should you pay attention to when installing a shower room?

First, the function of the bathroom design shower room

In today's ever-changing day, people's pursuit of bathroom culture is getting stronger and stronger. Designing a simple and practical shower room in the bathroom has become a fashion. Choosing a set of high-quality shower room not only allows us to enjoy the pleasure of the shower, but also avoids the cumbersome cleaning caused by dirty water overflow. Therefore, under the premise of keeping warm function, we should pay attention to the effect of dry and wet distinction. Carefully create a professionally produced shower room series, in the humanized design, water tightness is enough to ensure the dry and wet distinction of your bathroom, add to your bathroom life!

Second, the design of the shower room

When designing the shower room, first consider the size of the bathroom, choose the layout that best suits the bathroom, and choose the frameless or framed products in combination with your own preferences. Then, the choice of the bottom treatment (with stone basin, stone base), for the bathroom window sill, toilet seat, bathtub, wall column, distance from the wash basin, toilet, door opening method, etc. to comprehensive design, a comfortable and pleasant The shower room is the result of a perfect design.

Third, the treatment of wall anti-seepage

The real estate company's rough house wall is not waterproofed. Before the tile is placed, a layer of anti-seepage cement should be scraped before the tile is applied. After the tile is finished, the decoration worker should be required to apply the wall to the tile joint. In this way, the water in the bathroom can be prevented from penetrating into the outer wall through the brick joints, and it is free from the troubles. Drainage and floor drain treatment? Because the toilet is deodorant and infectious, the state has to design a concave pool gooseneck tube. The toilet floor has been installed with a level of drainage, but once the water seeps through the ground or water supply pipe The entire toilet pocket will be filled with dirty water, and the water will not penetrate or cross the wall into the corner of the room or into the lower layer. Therefore, at the bottom end of the concave pool, a secondary drainage pipe should be set up, and the floor cement should be scraped with anti-seepage cement on the ground. If the home is installed with the primary and secondary drainage system, many troubles will be avoided in the future.

Fourth, the combination of shower room style and bathroom size

For the size of the bathroom, please choose the appropriate shower room product. The large space can be considered from the perspective of comfortable and loose showers, with a variety of options, while the small space should make full use of the area, to choose some of the less-placed push-pull design and interior design as well, combined with the boutique rack, go Make full use of the space, you should also consider the overall effect of the shower and the bathroom when choosing the style. The selected shape (such as square or circular arc) should be coordinated with the shape of the wash basin and the toilet, and the reasonable layout creates a relaxed environment.

5. Procedure for non-standard production shower room

The best way to choose a shower room is to design the appropriate size and pre-embed the corresponding hole position before the bathroom is not renovated. If the water supply system has been installed and the tile floor tiles are attached, there should be a customized shower room. When designing the shower room, you can choose the standard, or you can customize the non-standard according to the actual size of the bathroom.

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