How to maintain the gas boiler to extend its service life? When the gas boiler is used correctly, its service life can reach 15 to 20 years, but in this process, maintenance and maintenance work needs to be done. The condition of the heating furnace is the same as that of the gas boiler.

Some heating furnaces will be inefficient after a few years of use and often fail. The cause of the malfunction is caused by the usual maintenance failure.

If you want to do the anti-corrosion work inside the heating furnace, you have to check the water quality. If the hardness of the water is too high, you need to take measures to soften the water. The high-hardness water contains a lot of alkaline ions, which will produce the heating furnace. Poor corrosion.

In addition, when the spring heating stove is not in use, the water inside should be completely drained, then dried, and the degree of dryness in the furnace should be checked regularly. If there are signs of moisture, drying measures should be taken. Http:// Editor: (Hardware Business Network Information Center)

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