Someone used the coffee table to describe life, carrying cups and tea sets. The practicality of the coffee table is still very heavy in the living room furniture. Picking a good coffee table is not only well matched with the style, but also works very well. Suzhou sold on the home network to do is fire wood coffee table, why fire? wood coffee table good then?

Xiaobian and everyone summarized a few points: 1. Solid surface material, no porosity, no penetration;

2. Absolutely environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radiative, is a countertop that can be in direct contact with food;

3. It has strong resistance to water, oil, stains and bacteria, and is easy to clean;

4. Feel warm, cold and heat resistant, impact resistant, durable and non-deformable;

5. It has good flexibility, strong plastic shape, can be heated and bent, and can satisfy the creative concept of customers.

6. Each color is equipped with the same color glue, the board can be spliced ​​seamlessly and has strong processing property (can be processed by woodworking tools, can be mixed with 7. Method, easy to polish various laces), good repairability (defective recess can be Repair, can be reorganized when construction is poor);

8. The color of the product is rich and colorful. There are a series of matching colors such as net color, hemp color and transparent particles. It can meet various design requirements and let you freely use your imagination.

Solid wood coffee table - Barry Bart American

Barry Bart Wood Coffee Table

Solid wood coffee table - fairy forest Wujinmu

Fairytale forest wujinmu coffee table

Solid wood coffee table - around the east

Left and right oriental coffee table

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