A vigorous Da Vinci furniture "fake door" incident was hidden from CCTV's exposure in early July. When the press conference was held, the spokesperson's crying left the scene, and then consumers questioned and defended their rights. Almost a month, the building of the high-end imported furniture brand that Da Vinci furniture has built for decades has collapsed. In the wreckage, it is not only the Da Vinci brand, but also the credit of imported furniture in the minds of consumers. Is the "Da Vinci" incident just a case or a hidden rule of the industry? Is this "failure" of imported furniture "Is it a bad thing, knowing that it is not a blessing?"
Clarifying and pragmatically, whether in the single store of imported furniture or the storefront of the store, when the reporter tried to talk about "Da Vinci", "we are not" Da Vinci is the unanimous reply of all the staff. The reply is behind the rush. In fact, in the single store or store where 23 imported furniture were visited by reporters, the clerk’s rhetoric was obviously cautious and rational. In the famous “freehand space” "The store staff made it clear that all of their products have a formal certificate of origin and relevant certificates, such as consumer needs, can be presented at any time. In an imported children's furniture store, the clerk pointed at a baby chair and a crib. It means that these two products belong to the original imported, and other goods are imported from abroad and then painted in the last time in the country. And the same store, six months ago, their staff told reporters that their goods are all imported. This is "Dafen The effect of "qi", because no one wants to be the second "Da Vinci", so pragmatic becomes a must.
Sales volume reduction or corporate introspection opportunity After the reporter promised not to disclose his personal information, the agent's boss spit out helpless words. "From the store's feedback, the original kind of consumers who can place orders is less, and the people who ask about the product account for the majority. More people are looking at the store to see the attitude, our Compared with June, the sales volume has decreased to a certain extent." Corresponding to the boss's words: According to the statistics of relevant departments, the sales of high-end imported furniture in the entire Beijing market has dropped by nearly half. Of course, the vitality of imported furniture is far from being so fragile. The reduction in sales after the “Da Vinci” incident is a market reaction, and it is also an excellent time for companies to examine themselves. After swimming, you can swim ashore, and there are only two results that are struggling, whether you want to swim or choose to die.
Supervision is a strong guarantee for the market to stabilize the "Da Vinci" incident, which also sounded the alarm for the supervision of the store. After a “Da Vinci” incident in a large home furnishing store in Beijing, all merchants involved in the import of furniture or raw materials must be re-provided with complete import-related formalities and backed up by the relevant departments of the store. In Beijing's Nancheng, the “imported furniture pavilion” of a large home store has also quietly changed its face to “international furniture pavilion”. In the reporter's visit, except for a few imported furniture stores that refused to interview, most imported furniture stores are guaranteed to be able to show the relevant procedures and certificates for the import of furniture for inspection. Previously, these procedures were only presented when the consumer requested it.
The hope of the market is in the hands of rational consumers

Many times, consumers are always the last to know, and the same is true for the Da Vinci incident. Despite this, consumers who have experienced the "Da Vinci" incident still choose rationality. In general, consumers of imported furniture have higher economic strength, more awareness of imported brands, and often have experience in secondary decoration and even multiple renovations. This part of the consumer group has a relatively high loyalty to the brand, and there is very little “follow the wind” type of consumption. Therefore, among the several consumers interviewed by the reporter, except for one who said that they may abandon the import of the brand, others said they chose to continue to believe. At the same time, consumers have chosen rational discrimination. One consumer said that he would only choose the brand he recognized, and he has already learned about the background and strength of the brand from the Internet and other related channels. Another consumer said that he recognized the design and texture of the imported brand. From this point of view, the credit of the collapsed imported brands in the “Da Vinci” incident is more concentrated on some unknown or uninnovated imported brands, while the real background and powerful imported brands are big waves. It started to be real gold.
The "Da Vinci" incident was a game between the company and the market and consumers. "Da Vinci" lost. The once-popular brand building collapsed. What is in the middle is the “pseudo-import” furniture that is faked like “Da Vinci”, and the wake-up is the re-examination of corporate credit in the entire imported furniture market. Fortunately, through this ruined wall, the brand building of imported furniture has once again become the foundation of the enterprise. "Integrity, fine work", this may be the most beautiful rainbow that consumers see after the "Da Vinci" storm.

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