According to the recent news of the Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition Organizing Committee, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce will organize a group of well-known furniture companies in Chengdu to go to Dubai to participate in the “Home homlife Middle East (Dubai) China Furniture held on March 14-16, 2010. The Industry Expo will carry out the Middle East market expansion activities. “The Family Homlife Middle East (Dubai) China Home Furnishing Industry Expo” is the first large-scale home furnishing exhibition held in Dubai in China. It is a “good furniture, Chengdu made” China tour jointly promoted by the Chengdu government and the Chengdu Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee. As part of the Chengdu Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department, 50% of the exhibitors will be given and 70% of the booths will be subsidized. More than 10 companies have signed up to participate. It is understood that "the Middle East market usually refers to the nine countries surrounding the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea and the surrounding Arab countries, with a total population of 500-700 million, and the per capita annual income ranges from 5,000 to 40,000 dollars, due to local manufacturing. Underdeveloped, most products must rely on imports. The Chengdu Furniture Company’s first group participation in the “Shijia homlife Middle East (Dubai) China Furniture Industry Expo” will help to open up the Middle East and even the international market, expand the international influence of the Chengdu furniture industry, and promote The overall development of the furniture industry in Chengdu.

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