Every year from September to October is the peak season of the property market, and it is also the peak period of decoration. Many citizens choose to buy new houses for building materials during this time. Many building materials operators have spared no effort to attract customers by various promotion methods. At the same time, some unscrupulous building materials dealers also took the opportunity to take various fraudulent means to infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Recently, the Consumer Protection Committee has received many complaints about building materials consumption. Therefore, the Consumer Protection Committee will publish the typical cases and provide warnings to consumers who intend to purchase building materials in the near future. Fraud means: short measuring tape is “shrinking”. Mr. Wang went to a building materials business department to buy wood. The owner enthusiastically helped him measure the required wood volume. Mr. Wang also participated in the measurement and found no abnormalities. After paying the money, Mr. Wang felt more and more that the wood he bought was “not enough”. Mr. Wang measured with his own measuring tape and found that the actual volume of wood has shrunk by nearly 5%! Mr. Wang immediately complained to the Lishui District Consumer Protection Committee. After the staff of the Consumer Protection Committee and Mr. Wang went to the operation department for on-site inspection, it was found that the 1 cm scale of the tape measure used by the operator was only 0.7 cm, which caused Mr. Wang to purchase the timber. shrink". In the end, the operation department refunded a fee of 600 yuan for Mr. Wang. The Consumer Protection Committee reminds consumers that the building materials to be measured are best equipped with measuring equipment and computing equipment, such as measuring tapes, calculators, etc., in order to prevent the unreasonable measurement equipment of the unscrupulous merchants to make the building materials "short and two". Fraud 2: The number of hands and feet is “sucked”. Mr. Ren bought solid wood flooring in a brand floor store. According to the calculation of the living room area, Mr. Ren bought 20 boxes of flooring, but when the store sent people to install At the time, I told the number of floors that it was not enough and I needed to purchase it separately. Mr. Ren felt embarrassed and carefully counted the number of floors he had laid, and found that the actual number was six fewer than the 20 boxes. Mr. Ren immediately filed a complaint with the Lishui District Consumer Protection Committee. After investigation, the store admitted that the number of floors in some boxes was taken out for testing, and promised to fill the floor for Mr. Ren free of charge. The Consumer Protection Committee reminds consumers that they must master the calculation method of the required number of floors, carefully check the number of purchases and the actual number of laying, and check and settle the accounts when the workers are on the site. Check the actual quantity when the number of floors is insufficient. Whether it is caused by "smear". Fraudulent means 3: The defective product tile is “dropped”. Ms. Shao bought the wall tiles of the bathroom in a building materials business department. In order to ensure the quality, Ms. Shao deliberately chose the tile brand with higher price. However, when the business department delivered the goods, Ms. Shao found that the packaging of the two boxes was different from the others. The dealer explained that the batch was different, but the color and quality were the same. However, it was not long before the laying of some of the tiles on the bathroom wall in Ms. Shao’s home was discolored, so Ms. Shao went to the Lishui District Consumer Protection Committee to make a complaint. After investigation, the operation department admitted that two of the boxes of tiles sold to Ms. Shao were of poor quality and were difficult to sell. Since the color of these two boxes of tiles is the same as that of the tiles purchased by Ms. Shao, they sold them to Ms. Shao. The final business department agreed to replace the discolored ceramic tiles for Ms. Shao. The Consumer Protection Committee reminds consumers to first look at whether the brick surface is flat, whether the glazed surface is full, whether there is any foreign matter in the eye, whether the adjustment angle is regular, and the amount of diagonal is a line; then a few brick planes are placed together to see Whether the gap is tight, the error should be between 0.3cm and 0.5cm; see if the plain (ie, the back) is clean, there is no adhesion in the burning; see if the color is large. It is best to open the purchased tiles one by one to prevent the merchants from "stealing the columns". Finally, the Consumer Protection Committee reminds consumers that it is best to buy building materials and purchase them in building materials stores with high reputation and good reputation, and ask for invoices to make timely complaints to the Consumer Protection Committee or the industrial and commercial department in the event of a dispute.

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